Consider This - Tourism Rebound

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

There was some good news coming from the tourism summit earlier this week.  It appears the market is beginning to rebound. The bad news: The recovery will be very, very slow. However, with the consistent funding in place to recruit visitors throughout the year, the Myrtle Beach area is faring better as we are now in the shoulders seasons.

Consider This: Without the additional marketing funds approved earlier this year we would find ourselves in the same boat as other tourist destinations. As important as it is to recruit new industry to the area, tourism is our driving force and will always be the #1 industry for the Grand Strand region.

As we enter 2010 and begin to build toward the summer season, we are positioned to outperform our peer markets and rebound much quicker than industry experts predict. As we approach Thanksgiving that certainly something we should all can be thankful for.

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