Does It Work: Doggie Diapers

(WMBF) - They're a big part of many families, and some even dress their pets like a child. When the dog clothing trend couldn't get any wilder, companies are introducing diapers for dogs.

Its creators say the product is the perfect solution for pet owners who don't always have enough time to stop home to take the dog out, and now the WMBF News Network is putting five products to the test to see if they take the boo-boo out of the poo-poo.

First up is the Peepers Disposable Pet Diapers, where dog owners must weave their pet's tail through a hole in order to first put the diaper on. Mr. Snubs nor another dog, Penelope, were feeling the product. We noticed it was very difficult to get her pet's tail through the hole.

A second pet, Radar, tested out the Washable Doggie Dungaree, which was very stylish in its design. However, it made going to the bathroom nothing less than an all-out production. Its testers think it's because the medium sized diaper was too small.

While comfort wasn't on Radar's side, hopefully a similar diaper made by Simple Solution would be. The male wrap seemed to be less restrictive, but Mr. Snubs' owner says it wasn't the easiest to get on. However, it stayed on, but did not impress Mr. Snubs.

Finally, last up for testing - The Happy Jack Diaper. Pet owners say it was easy to put on and had a chest strap to help it stay on. It's idea for dogs that don't dig the diaper idea.

However, pet owners agree, all of the diapers did the job and could help prevent messy problems at home.

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