Consider This - Voter Turnout

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Last week we had city elections across the region, and according to many people voter turnout was much higher than some previous races. The fact that more people came out to cast their ballot is good news; that is until you find out that the city that appeared to have the most attention focused on the candidates and the electoral process, Myrtle Beach, had a mere 38 percent of registered voters participate in this ultimate example of democracy.

Consider This: That's just sad. In other countries, people risk their lives for the right to vote and proudly show off the ink on their finger when they cast that ballot. Here in America we get excited when a little over one-third of the people take the time to vote. Have people become uninterested in the electoral process? Is the constant political bickering causing residents to protest the entire process? Regardless, we are blessed to have this opportunity and it is our responsibility to vote.

There are runoff elections next week so take the time to make your voice heard. It's your right and should not be taken for granted. Imagine how important it would become if it were taken away.

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