DOES IT WORK: Try it before you buy it

(WMBF) - It's time to start gearing up for the holiday shopping season, but no one wants to spend money on a present that's not worth the cash.

The WMBF News Network has put a number of toys to the test so you get what you pay for during the holidays:

  • Air Hogs E-Charger Flying Disk: Within 10 seconds of charging the toy, it's already in mid-air! While the children enjoy the chaos, it may not be a favorite for parents.

However, after an hour, both the charger and batteries to the Air Hog Flying Disk were beat up and dead. In the end, the children flunked the $11 toy - and so did parents. The testers felt the toy would work better outside and with a second set of batteries.

  • Moxie Girls Magic Hair Salon: The Moxie Girls Magic Hair Salon lets girls create their own fun hairdo to match a doll! While the glitter is hard to get into the comb, it shows up nicely on light-colored hair. As the product promises, the dye easily washes out of hair so the girls can start playing all over again.

The only drawback - the amount of dye included in the package. Refills, the testers say, will add up to be costly in the end. The $30 salon gets a "B." The doll, however, is not included.

  • Totally Me Fashion Tracing Table: A group of girls gave raving reviews to this product. The girls were able to design outfits and hairstyles on paper with a little fold-up design table. The scrapbook set comes with a small digital camera so the girls can create a scrapbook of their designs.

Once the scrapbook is filled up, though, it's time to restock on supplies. Extra costs could be added in the mix to have the pictures developed. Overall, the scrapbook set gets a B+. The girls, however, give the tracing table a perfect score with an A+.

  • Hyper Dash: This game is designed to challenge your kids in a different version of "Hide and Go Seek." One person places a number of disks around the room our outdoors, and a second child has a certain amount of time to retrieve the disks for the best time.

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