Consider This - Annexation Rules

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

As if we really needed more proof that South Carolina's annexation rules need revising, we received that additional justification when area residents were confused on whether or not they could vote in the Myrtle Beach city elections. In fact, one doughnut hole - an area within the boundaries of the city limits that has not been annexed - was classified as an area eligible to vote in city elections by the Horry County Election Commission. That's how confusing this is.

Consider This: State legislators need to fix this outdated model of annexation in the upcoming legislative session. In most states the laws are written so that when an area is annexed all properties in that proposed annexation zone are included in that annexation. There are no doughnut holes, it is all or none. But there are options for property owners to fight the entire annexation if they oppose the plan, not a la carte like South Carolina's model.

If you need more proof, drive through the city limits of Myrtle Beach: It is pretty easy to spot the doughnut holes. It is an issue when it comes to law enforcement, fire protection, water and sewer and other city services.

It is time for South Carolina leaders to revise the antiquated rules regarding annexation.

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