Does It Work: The Smart Mop

(WMBF) - Household chores aren't exactly anyone's idea of a fun time, but now a new mop promises to take the strain off of your back so pain doesn't creep up on you while cleaning.

At a glance, The Smart Mop looks like the ShamWow on a stick. A volunteer says she's willing to spill soda on her kitchen floor to see if the product really works.

When compared with the Swiffer Mop, The Swift Mop cleans up each drop of soda with its cloth fabric. After the volunteer squeezes the mop into a bucket, it comes out clean as new and ready to reuse again.

It's a clean sweep for The Smart Mop, but buyers should be aware there is some difficulty taking the mop head off of the handle to wash. Replacement heads are hard to find in stores and online, and could come at an extra cost.

"There's sometimes I do think it would come in handy, but I think it's good for messes," said Jeanette Patterson, the volunteer.

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