Rebuilding after the wildfire

By Chandi Lowry - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's been six months since the Horry County wildfire and some families are beginning their new lives in the brand new homes.

Amber Broussard moved back into her home in the Barefoot community last week. Everything is new, but she keeps old newspaper clippings and important papers that burned in the fire laminated as a reminder of the blaze.

Broussard is thankful that her brick house that burned to the ground six months ago is standing. She was inside of the house when fire erupted around her neighborhood. Broussard and her boyfriend grabbed their two dogs and drove to safety.

While she's slowly rebuilding her home and her life, Broussard said when you lose so much, it takes time to replace even the smallest things.

"You realize there are things that you don't have anymore," she explained. "You'll say, 'Oh, let me just go ahead and get those scissors so I can cut something,' but then you realize you don't have a pair of scissors anymore. It's things like that."

Broussard said although it's been a hard journey, she's staying positive by making small changes to her house that she has always wanted.

"It's a fresh start, so why have everything exactly the way it was," she said. "Let's try something new. We don't want pine straw around the home and we cleared out some of the forest, the big trees in the back."

Broussard said one of the hardest parts of rebuilding is forgetting that you have to replace the little things in life that makes a house a home, and she's thankful for all of the help from the community she had along the way.

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