Stop It Don't Drop It

WMBF News has teamed up with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to promote and educate the area's locals and tourists on the importance of keeping the area free of litter.

Stop It Don't Drop It is an anti-littering awareness campaign. Experience has shown that keeping a litter-prevention message visible to the public is essential to addressing litter problems.

Each resident and tourist can help put a stop to litter by taking a few simple, important steps – setting a good example for others by not littering themselves; discouraging others from littering; cleaning up and educating your community about the damage caused by litter.

Want to get a jump start? A major contributor to trash on the highways is discarded bags and food wrappers. Put a litter bag in your vehicle. If you would like a Stop It Don't Drop It litter bag, pick one up at the WMBF News Studio at 918 Frontage Road East, or at either of the MBACC locations, at1200 N. Oak St. or 3401 US-17 Business South.

Not only is litter an eyesore, it is also dangerous and costly.

  • It poses health risks.
  • Affects drinking water quality and wildlife habitat.
  • It is associated with increased crime.
  • It results in an ugly and disheartening environment diminishing the beauty locals and tourists associate with our area.
  • It costs a great amount of time and money to clean up the problem.

We invite you to join WMBF News and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce in helping rid the area of the problems associated with litter. Take an active part in learning and incorporating the many tips to promote anti-littering into your daily lives to help keep the beauty of the Grand Strand for our residents, visitors and wildlife.

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