Consider This - Interracial Wedding

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

In previous commentaries, I've shared my opinion that the NAACP is becoming less and less relevant. I was thinking - or maybe hoping - that with the significant progress we have made in race relations that a group focused on issues due the color of someone's skin is unnecessary in today's multi-cultural world. At times I've also disagreed with the tactics the group has used to express their point of view, like boycotting South Carolina, which hurts the people, many of them African Americans, who benefit the most from the groups who choose to meet, play, shop and vacation here.

However, just as my optimism for progress grows, last week we were reminded how far we have to go when a Louisiana justice of the peace denied a marriage request from an interracial couple.  Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell said he morally could not issue a marriage license for the couple. Bardwell believes the children of black and white parents have it harder in life. So, I guess in his mind, he was doing the couple a favor. Fortunately another justice of the peace performed the marriage.

Consider This: When things like this happen it makes me reconsider my opinion. Maybe it is completely wrong to think - or hope - that groups like the NAACP are becoming less relevant. When will people realize that the color of a person's skin is not relevant? For some people, unfortunately, the answer is most likely never. They can't comprehend that what matters is a person's character, their contribution to society and many other qualities that make a person unique.

On the other side there is no discrimination when it comes to Idiots. They come in all shapes, sizes… and colors. And in some cases, they also hold the position of justice of the peace.

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