Does It Work: The Liquivac

(WMBF) - Getting your car's oil change can be a pain, complete with a long wait at the car dealership. Now, one company claims their product takes the hassle out of keeping your car up-and-running.

The makers of Liquivac say their product can pump oil out of lawn mowers and cars within a matter of seconds. Users simply have to assemble the product, turn on their car to warm its oil and give the Liquivac 15 to 20 seconds to pump out the oil.

When the WMBF News Network put the product to the test, mechanics found the Liquivac was missing one big part - the gasket. The gasket, according to the mechanics, helps to drain the oil.

However, the mechanics point out all of the old oil must be drained out to avoid contamination with the new oil. Once the team of men checked out the mower they just drained oil out of, they found there was still quite a bit left in its system.

"What oil you don't get out of there is going to contaminate your new oil, so you're defeating your own purpose if there's still oil in your crank case," said Chris Taormina with Semo Motorsports.

The suction power is great, but its effectiveness gives the Liquivac a B+ in this 'Does It Work' test.

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