Speed Patrol: Longwood Drive

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - The WMBF News Speed Patrol is getting results. After hearing from a viewer who was concerned about speeders in her neighborhood, WMBF News Speed Patrol headed out to Longwood Drive in Murrells Inlet. Horry County Police were out there too on Nov. 24.

WMBF News first told you about the problems in October. Tuesday, a police officer was out there with a flashing speed sign.

Joelle Warrick is one of the people upset with the problem. She says walks with her son every morning to drop his sister off at the bus stop, but the fast moving cars on Longwood Drive keep her grip tight on the stroller.

Warrick says some cars seem to push right past the 25 mile an hour signs at much higher speeds.

"They don't go just 30, 35 mph," she said. "They go even faster than that."

After hearing her concern in October, the WMBF News Speed Patrol went out on the road with a radar gun and clocked some drivers going as fast as 45 to 50 mph.

"These people are going way too fast and they don't even slow down for a baby carriage anymore," Warrick said."That's scary."

Neighbors like Jane Diaz agree: "We have many people who are walking their children in strollers on that road and it can be very dangerous if someone is going too fast."

Diaz says 25 mph is a good speed limit considering golfers, construction equipment and pedestrians all make use of the roadway.

For Warrick, she says she does not feel safe in her own neighborhood. "Unless you're out there on the street, you don't realize how fast people go," Warrick said. "Then when you have children it is doubly concerning.

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