Consider This - Child Violence

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Last week, in a tragic event caught on a cell phone camera, an innocent Chicago teen was beaten to death during an after school fight.

We may not have cities in our region the size of Chicago, but we do have the same opportunity for a similar tragedy to happen here. Experts say the primary cause of this type of violence is hopelessness - children who feel they have no future.

Consider This: Children who are bored and have no activities to fill their time will find something to occupy that void. Many times they�ll fill that space with things that lead to very violent behavior.

The initial responsibility lies with the parents; however, and unfortunately, some parents do not understand how to be a parent and are not willing or incapable of handling that responsibility. Therefore, we must all take some accountability when it comes to making sure our children, all children, do not feel hopeless, and they have the opportunity for a better future.

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