Consider This - Emergency Personnel

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

This past weekend the community experienced a tragic loss when a medical helicopter went down killing all three emergency support personnel on board.

The three crew members who died in this crash had just transported a patient to Charleston. Obviously, that patient needed prompt care if a helicopter had to be used to make sure they arrived quickly at the medical facility. How often did these three make that same journey? How often do we take those services for granted? With this accident it should serve as a reminder that there are many people who put their lives at risk daily in order to help protect the rest of us.

Consider This: In an emergency we typically dial 911 knowing someone will answer and someone will respond. What if they didn't? What if we did not have people who were committed to helping protect the rest of us? What if firefighters were not there to battle an approaching wildfire? What if law enforcement officers did not respond when a crime was taking place or a tragic accident occurred? What if the Coast Guard failed to save a crew from a ship in distress?

These are just a few examples of the many men and women who go to work each day and put their lives at risk. There are many, many more examples – including our military personnel who are battling oversees. The next time you see one of these champions say "Thanks!" We expect them to be there when we're in need and the tragic loss this past weekend reminds us that these three paid the ultimate price as part of their commitment and willingness to help protect the rest of us.

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