Does it Work: Mosquito 86

(KPLC) - The Mosquito86 is a standard gas-powered blower unit that dispenses a chemical solution that claims to exterminate mosquitoes and other flying insects.

We took the unit to the homes of a few employees to see if this pest eliminator really blows away mosquito troubles.

"They're pretty bad, especially about 7 at night, you're trying to sit out and enjoy your company and they start to come out about then," Kaye Billeaudeaux said. "So when we're trying to sit out on the deck and enjoy it, it's miserable, you can't do it."

Cecile Cutrer agreed: "When it starts getting dark, they immediately attract. Usually, kind of the lower area like your ankles and the bottom part of your legs. We'll be out here 10 or 15 minutes and then we'll have to go inside, so that's always an issue."

The Mosquito 86 looks like a lot of parts to assemble, but it's not that much of a hassle. The setup: a standard blower unit with a misting attachment hooked to a 1.5-gallon tank. The tank, blower, and mister work to dispense a solution of water and a chemical known as Mosquito86 Agent E.

Attach the special nozzle to the blower and thread the hose through the added loops, pour the Agent E into the tank and mix with 1-1/2 gallons of water from the garden hose, hang the tank on your back and pull down on the chest straps to tighten. Connect the tubing between the tank and mister and you're ready to go.

Now with the blower running and the throttle fully open, squeeze the valve on the misting attachment. The liquid began to dispense from the tip turning to a mist.

At Kaye's home, we sprayed the lawn, including all plants, trees and other vegetation, as well as a generous doze below the deck where they feel the mosquitoes multiply in the damp area underneath the deck.

We managed to do the entire yard, including the deck, and even the plants. It was a leaf blower, so it did blow some of the things around the yard. The Mosquito 86 distributed an even mist as we used it, using about half of the solution in the tank.

The instructions say it's best to apply at dusk on dry vegetation. It took about 20 minutes to coat the entire yard and the deck with the water and Agent E solution. Halfway through, it took another batch in the tank in order to finish the job.

The mist was visible as we sprayed it on the plants, the yard and the deck. The product says it lasts up to a week in dry weather, so we gave it a rain-free five days before asking Kaye and Cecile for the results.

"Less than 24 hours later, I was out on the deck," Kaye said. "I was out less than 1 minute and I was bitten by three mosquitoes. They got worse each day after that."

Cecile agreed: "They weren't totally gone, but it was minimal. By the third or fourth evening was when it really seemed like it was kind of back to the same major mosquito problem that I had before you sprayed."

Because of the cost, the work involved and our relentless mosquito problem, we have to give it a "No" for this "Does it Work?" test.

You can read more about the Mosquito86 by visiting the product website at

Web Extra: The good news is the Mosquito86 is extraordinarily easy to set up and use. The blower runs on a two cycle fuel mix and comes with a regular blower attachment. This time, we only tested the Agent E on mosquitoes and we are basing it upon the opinions of our two volunteers, both of whom have tried many different methods to control mosquitoes in each of their yards in the past. We had light rain earlier in the day of test, but both yards and other areas were mostly dry before application. The instructions do call for dry lawn before applying to get the week duration promised. The application claims to last at least a week with no rainfall. We got five dry days so we based the opinion off that duration.

We also based the opinion off the ease of use and performance compared to other products like candles and foggers. For the cost and the amount of work with an almost one- to two-day reapplication period due to our over-abundance of mosquitoes, it seems this does just about as good a job as other external mosquito repellants. So the miracle repellant is still out there waiting to be found.

This product can still be utilized as a leaf blower since it comes with the original blower nozzle, so if you purchase one and are not impressed with the mosquito repelling abilities you can continue to use the blower. You can also purchase a Mosquito86 adaptor kit for the blower unit you already own.

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