Consider This - Positive Growth

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Over the past few weeks we have seen the completion of some major infrastructure projects and plans beginning for other significant initiatives.

The Fantasy Harbour Bridge and North Myrtle Beach Main Street Connector have officially opened to traffic after years of construction. These two corridors offer new access points to the Myrtle Beach International Airport and the city center of North Myrtle Beach. They also provide additional evacuation routes if we are threatened with a hurricane.

Planning is underway to extend Highway 31 south to connect with Highway 707 and north to connect with future I-74.

At the Myrtle Beach Airport plans are progressing on the renovation and expansion of the facility, Harrelson Boulevard will be extended to Kings Highway creating better access to the airport and work is now beginning on development of an aviation industrial park at that location.

One of the worst intersections along the Grand Strand, the back gate of the former air base, should see construction starting for a new overpass next year.

Work is now officially underway for a new boardwalk in downtown Myrtle Beach and many other infrastructure improvements are taking place across the region.

Consider This: Individually these are all very important projects. Collectively, they become significant, and that is an understatement. With these much needed improvements we are poised to experience significant growth, improve evacuation routes, ease congestion and provide a better quality of life for everyone who calls the Grand Strand home and for the millions of visitors who choose our area as their vacation destination.

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