Does It Work: Perfect Brownie Pan

(WMBF) - It's a treat that satisfies almost any sweet tooth, but when you go to cut brownies, more than often the taste outweighs its look.  Now, one product promises it will give you perfectly sliced brownies each time you bake.

The Perfect Brownie Pan is fairly easy to use - just coat the brownie pan, pour in the batter and slide in specially-made dividers to separate the brownies before popping them in the oven.

While the brownie bakes, the WMBF News Network noticed in the product's directions it advises its users to slice the brownies while warm.  We drop down the sides, the bottom stays put on the pedestal, and we can literally bake, slice and serve.

"I was very skeptical and I'm shocked the way it came out," said Kris Brook, who tried the product for the first time.

By the time shipping and handling is paid, the Perfect Brownie Pan costs almost $30. Brook says while it's a great tool, she doesn't know if it's worth that much.

"I'm impressed, but I don't think I'd spend $30 on it," she said.

At the end of the Perfect Brownie Pan's experiment, there was a small mess to clean up.  Some of the mix leaked under the insert, and when the pan is dropped down, so are crumbs.

This product gets a B for making a chocolate treat just a tad bit sweeter.

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