Consider This - Joe Wilson feedback

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts regarding my comments on the Joe Wilson situation. It definitely struck a nerve and the majority of you who took the time to respond completely disagree with my opinion...  Here are some of your comments:

James Cleveland wrote, "I see you are as much of an ignorant SOB as Joe Wilson. That response you gave justifying his behavior reflects your stupid view of proper behavior becoming of a representative in a formal setting. It had nothing to do with HEALTH CARE!! I've seen your kind before:  a grinning low life."

This from a guest who commented on our website, "Consider this... If Joe Wilson had not ever made his outburst, there would be NO NEED to divert time and resources to reprimanding him. Sure there are better things for our leaders to do than reprimanding one of their own. However, one outburst can lead to other outbursts. As Barney Phife once said, you have to nip it in the bud."

Another guest has this to say... "WMBF Consider This comments really tend to lean a little one sided. I think you should think about this before you get in the middle of these debates. You are not a FOX station you are an NBC station. Should WMBF keep siding with the Republicans or with the Democrats for that matter I will get my news from another channel. Keep in mind you are not in Lexington County which is primarily a Republican area. You cover areas that are very much Democratic strongholds in the state."

And from Gerald Novotny, "A job well done. However, you may be looking for a job since NBC does not like conservative views. Most of the media, TV & print, are so Blatantly Liberal."

Here's my feedback to your feedback... First, Joe Wilson was completely out of line in screaming out during the speech. I said that in the initial commentary and there is no excuse for his actions. Second, a commentary is typically an opinion; the perspective is tossed out to create debate and discussion. It is my belief that more and more Americans, unfortunately, only want to hear feedback that mirrors their own perspective and therefore we will ultimately become more and more divided.

Again, thanks to everyone for your comments. That is the ultimate purpose of this segment.

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