Consider This - Joe Wilson

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Last week South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson could not hold back his disdain with President Obama's comments regarding his push for national healthcare and how that plan applies to illegal immigrants. Wilson shouted "You lie!" during the address and now faces his peers in Congress who want a formal apology on the House floor. Congressman Wilson apologized to President Obama immediately following the outburst; however, the Democratic House leaders don't seem to think that is sufficient.

Consider This: Instead of focusing their efforts on coming up with a healthcare plan that works for the majority of Americans without adding billions and billions of dollars to the national debt, they will focus on reprimanding Congressman Wilson and pat themselves on the back for showing that there is a Democratic majority in the house. Wouldn't it be nice if Nancy Pelosi, who was so offended by Congressman Wilson's comments, actually took the lead as Speaker of the House and spent some time trying to create healthcare legislation that works? Oh, but that actually takes effort and compromise on both sides. Reprimanding Joe Wilson is easy and will accomplish so much in helping us get closer to resolving this healthcare debate. Whatever.

Was Congressman Wilson out of line? Definitely. There is no excuse for that type of behavior, regardless of your opinion of the topic. The correct way to handle the situation would have been to wait until after the address and share his view at that time. But the actions of the Democrats, now focused on enacting vengeance on Congressman Wilson, does nothing to help resolve the healthcare debate.

What's really interesting is that Congressman Wilson and his opponent, Rob Miller, have each garnered over $1 million in campaign contributions since last week. This certainly makes you realize people have strong opinions - one way or the other - and America is a nation divided when it comes to nationalized healthcare.

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