Does It Work: Shoe Under

(KPLC) - The Shoes Under: A zipper pouch that the makers claim will save you closet space by organizing and stowing your shoes under your bed. But does it work?

The instructions are simple: Unfold the Shoes Under, unzip the clear plastic cover and insert your shoes or other accessories as shown.

The Shoes Under measures 28x24x6 and contains 12 pods. With size 10 dress shoes first in, we had trouble getting both to fit into one slot. It worked better with one shoe per slot, which utilized two slots total for the pair. For max capacity, the smaller the shoe, the better the fit.

With different sized shoes - mens ranging from size 9 to 11 and women's size 10, and a pair of boots that are too big for the product - we squeezed as many into the Shoes Under as possible. About a minute later, most of the shoe shoes fit, including the 4-inch high heels - nine pairs total.

Some of the shoes fit in one pod, a couple of the bigger shoes and more delicate shoes got their own pods. But for the most part, the shoes all fit inside, zippered up in the bag, safe and secure.

A quick slide under the bed and and the Shoes Under gets a "Yes" for this does it work test.

We found the Shoes Under locally with a price tag of $9.99.

Web Extra:  There's no doubt that the Shoes Under does a superb job organizing shoes. The space-saving aspect is dependent on your own storage predicament. For those of us with men's sizes 8 or larger, a typical sneaker or dress shoe will struggle to fit an entire pair into one pod. The smaller or thinner the shoe, the better chance you'll have to fit a whole dozen pairs of shoes into the Shoes Under.

A small male or small to medium female pair of shoes will do better than a larger pair of shoes in this device. Also the size of the Shoes Under was measured when not in use. The fabric and plastic can easily allow the shoes to stretch larger than 6 inches in depth.

It may be a good idea to measure from floor to rail on your bed to see if this will fit before you make the purchase. The device is for indoor use only and can slide under more than just a bed.

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