Consider This - Burn Ban

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Horry County Council is discussing the implementation of a burn ban when the SC Forestry Commission issues a red flag warning; meaning the probability for a fire getting out of control is much higher.

Consider This: The recent wildfires provide plenty of ammunition to justify enacting some type of burn ban in the region. The current restrictions would be enacted when the state issues a red flag warning. However, there is one issue with the current proposal. The burn ban would only apply to subdivisions with 11 or more lots.

So let me get this straight: if there is a red flag warning and you live in an area with fewer than 11 homes, then the chances of a fire getting out of hand are reduced? Say what?

Why would you have any variances at all? And why would an area with fewer homes be less susceptible to having a fire getting out of control? If the state Forestry Commission issues a red flag warning then a burn ban should be in effect for everyone, regardless. There should be no variance with the restrictions.

Horry County Council, before you move this proposal towards final approval it needs to be revised to limit all open burning when a red flag warning is issued. Carving out areas impacting by the new guidelines based on the number of lots in the area nearby makes no sense, creates an unnecessary loophole and fails to provide all citizens in the county with the protection they deserve when hazardous fire conditions are at their peak.

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