Consider This - School Zones

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

School is back in session and it's always a good time to remind everyone to SLOW DOWN.

Consider This: Kids are standing near the curb waiting on their ride, crossing the roads to get to school and loading and unloading as the buses pick up and drop off this precious cargo. If your daily travels take you near school zones then work a little extra time into your plan. Rushing through these areas significantly increases the likelihood of a tragic accident happening.

As much as we may preach to look both ways, kids will often dart out into the road without thinking. Imagine how you would feel if that child runs out in front of your vehicle and you're unable to stop because you are distracted or traveling at an excessive speed.

Remember... SLOW DOWN... and be extra cautious in school zones and near school buses. Whatever is creating your sense of urgency is not nearly as important as the safety of our children.

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