Does it Work: Kernel Cutter

(KFVS) - One of the best things about the summer is sweet corn season, but some people don't like eating corn right off the cob. Pampered Chef's Kernel Cutter promises to help out, but does it work?

Julie Rush loves fresh sweet corn, and she is anxious to see if it works.  After you shuck and rinse the corn, hold the cob up vertically in one hand, the kernel cutter in the other, and zip down the cob. The kernels should be ready to go.

"Impressive," Julie said. "I almost want to use it in a bowl."

The Kernel Cutter worked so well on the cutting board, we ended up making a mess. Once Julie cut the cobs into the bowl and slowed things down a bit, she was impressed with the results.

Before we shell out $7 or $8 on the Kernel Cutter, is it really all that better than a kitchen knife? Julie thinks so.

"The only thing is with the knife, I tend to cut into the cob itself," she said. "I notice with this kernel cutter, I'm getting just the corn. That's nice."

A few of the kernels are gathering at the protected blade, but they easily flick off and the Kernel Cutter cleans up easily.

"This is great.  It really is," Julie said. "I'm not a big corn on the cob eater because I don't like it in my teeth, so I would keep this at the table and scrape it off of my plate. The kids will still go with the cob, but I think for people with braces or dentures, this would be great."

The protected blade, the ease of use, and the small price tag all equal above average marks. Pampered Chef's Kernel Cutter most certainly makes the cut with an A+ on this Does it Work test.  To find a local Pampered Chef dealer near you, check out the Pampered Chef website

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