Does It Work: Bump It

(WMBF) - It claims to be a quick fix for flat hair, but does the "Bump It" really pump up the volume?

The WMBF News Network put the hair product to the test with three women - all of whom have different hair lengths.

"Everyone's trying to always get that extra lift at the top of their hair, so this would probably be a good way to do that," said Tiffany Blackmon.

The "Bump Its" claim to be hair volumizing, leave-in inserts that promise its users hair that goes from flat to fabulous in a matter of seconds. The box is packed with a "Bump It," teasing comb and an instructional manual.

Two of the women had some success with the product, but say it was hard to hide the plastic insert. One even admits it was slightly too large for her hair.

After teasing, inserting and spraying their styles down with hairspray, the three women say whether it worked or not, they weren't exactly feeling their 60s hairdo.

As for the latest "Does It Work?" product - it gets a "kind of."

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