Speed Patrol: North Ebenezer Road

By Laura Thomas - bio | email

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The WMBF News Speed Patrol was back on the streets Thursday on North Ebenezer Road in Florence.

Tracy Szurley sent WMBF News an email saying that cars fly past her in the passing zone even when she's going the posted speed limit. The Speed Patrol went to check out her concerns and found cars consistently speeding over this limit along North Ebenezer.

It took no time at all to clock people driving way over the speed limit Thursday.

However, it's something Szurley has to put up with every day. She lives on the road with her husband and two young kids.

"It's not necessary," explained Szurley. "They're gonna run into one of us or speed off the road and hit a house."

The WMBF News Speed Patrol took her concerns straight to Lance Cpl. Sonny Collins of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

"We need everyone to obey the posted speed limits," said Collins. "They're there for a reason. The roads have been designed for that speed, and anything you do above that, you are looking to cause yourself some issues."

Collins says they keep their eye on this road because there are no shoulders, and that means no room for mistakes.

"Those roads often cause problems simply because drivers driving too fast. They run off the road, and overcorrect, not sure what to do. There's very little room to work with on a secondary road," explained Collins.

Szurley says people who live along this road are concerned that these drivers are going too fast and too close to many homes.

"Please, try to slow it down," explained Szurley. "We all want to be safe."

If speeding is a problem in your area, let us know and submit your request by clicking on the Speed Patrol tab at the top of the WMBF News homepage.

Fill out the form to let us know the areas near your home where drivers aren't following the posted limit.

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