Consider This - Rivertown Depot

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The Rivertown Depot recently opened in Conway and it has to be one of the nicest convenience stores to open in recent years. However, one feature of the store - the digital signs listing gas prices - has to be removed because it does not adhere to city guidelines. In the place of the digital signs the owner is now required to install the older model signs that have to be manually changed to show the per gallon price.

Consider This: It is now 2009. Digital technology is here and will only become more advanced in the coming years. Although I can certainly understand a city wanting to maintain some restrictions and not look like the Vegas strip, I would also think Conway leaders could use some common sense and revise their sign ordinances in a way that would allow for this much-improved option in displaying and changing the price of gas. It's not like the location is in the downtown historic district; it is located on the busy, heavy commercial area along Highway 501.

And if you look at it from an aesthetic point-of-view, the digital signs are actually much more appealing than the older non-digital models that we often see with broken numbers flapping in the wind, not to mention the added danger of having to climb a ladder to change the rapidly fluctuating prices.

Restrictions and guidelines are necessary and can help to ensure that a community has controlled growth. However, there are times when those rules need to be reviewed and revised and this is an example of one ordinance that deserves as second look.

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