Does it Work: Special K Challenge

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(KFVS) - Special K Cereals says you can "lose an inch from your waist in just two weeks" by replacing a few of your meals with their cereals and snacks. But does the Special K Challenge work?

The claim definitely gets my attention, so I decided to take the challenge, along with the help of a friend, Liz Glastetter.

"I think I'll be able to do it, if you do," Glastetter laughed. "If we do it together."

That's step one in any good diet - enlist a buddy. Together, we tried to work out together during the week as much possible. Some weeks are better than others. We're in no way pretending we need to lose a bunch of weight, but like any other gal out there, we'd like to tone up, especially with float trips and swimming parties we've each planned over the summer.

Supposedly, that's where Special 'K' fits in.

Crackers, waffles and fruit are allowed, and that's good because we also have a whole lot of cereal. If we stick to the plan though, we should lose an inch off our waistlines in just two weeks.

Kelloggs says your first meal should be a bowl of cereal or two of their special waffles. Then load up again on a second bowl of cereal or a Special K bar or protein shake. For your third meal, eat as normal. When you get hungry through the day - and you will - munch on unlimited plain fruit or vegetables or some of the Special K snack crackers. You can drink beverages as normal.

I'm already starting to doubt I can do this, but if it works, it might be worth it. Liz and I each measure our waists and vow to stick to the plan.

"I think by the end of this, we're not going to like cereal at all," Liz admitted.

Registered dietitian Raina Childers says the plan can work.

"I think people who have a little more weight to lose will see the most results most quickly," Childers said. "Where people who are struggling to lose that last few pounds, it's going to be hard no matter what they try to do."

Childers also says there's a lot of good research to back up this diet plan. Basically, it's meal replacement with frequent feeding or mini meals, something she advises in her own work.

"I'm a big believer in frequent feeding so people are eating between four and six mini meals a day," she said.

Truthfully, she says, there's nothing so special about Special K. Just eating healthy mini meals can do the trick. But Childers says the Special K plan lacks protein. That's why you'll want to add some in during your third meal, or at least drink the Special K Protein Water.

She also warns: this diet works because of portion control, so a big whopping bowl of cereal is breaking the rules.

"You can overdo it, even on Special K," she said.

So does it work? Liz measured her waistline two weeks later and reported almost an inch lost. Me, just a half-inch, but I'm still pleased.

It's hard to tote cereal to work, especially milk. And I'm on the road a lot covering news stories, so I've got to bring some fruit to munch, or the cereal bars, which aren't all that tasty to me. That's the downfall I encountered. You may not. But Liz admitted it's not easy sticking to this plan either.

"I couldn't do cereal all the time," she said.

And you'd better try to stick to the plan, or you're wasting money. In all, I spent $45 on food for the two of us in this two-week period. That's cheap if this is mostly what you eat. If not, that's tough to swallow.

If you're looking for a jumpstart to your diet, maybe try this, and happy munching. The Special K Challenge Diet Plan earns a good grade somewhere in the B range on this Does it Work Test.

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