Does It Work: Cat Genie

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(KFVS) - If you have cats, you love them, but you don't love cleaning the litter box. That's where Cat Genie steps in. But does it work?

Cat Genie is an automatic litter box that does the scooping for you. It acts as a mini toilet, but it's a litter box.

"This is Gabby, our 12-year-old grandma kitty," Julie Baird said of her cat. "This is Hermes our 2-year-old. We rescued him."

Cat lovers Trey and Julia Baird hope the Cat Genie rescues them from cleaning the litter box ever again.

"You hate having to clean out the litter box," admitted Trey.

Assembling the Cat Genie itself is no problem, but we're all surprised at how large this is. It's about the size of a child's potty chair, but we're eager to see if this works. Now, getting the plumbing all lined up is a bit of a task in this case.

The connector is just a hair too big to hook up the bathroom plumbing to the Cat Genie, not to mention it would take up way too much space in the Bairds' small bathroom. We move it to the laundry room instead.

Basically, the Cat Genie flushes out the waste with your plumbling. Another self-cleaning aspect of this product is the granules. They're plastic. The Cat Genie is supposed to clean these, too, so you never have to buy replacements. We'll see.

We fire it up, and with the press of a button, this thing works.

"It's really like a toilet," Julie laughed. "It's a kitty toilet."

We watch as the electrical scoop sifts out the solids. Then, the bowl changes directions so the water can flush the granules to clean them. It even puts out a fresh scent to disquise any odors.

"This will be a new experience for them," Julia commented. "They've never had anything that worked electrical like this."

That is the true test. While it's obvious this appliance works with no problems here, does it work with the Bairds' cats?

I left this product at their home for the recommended seven weeks. The product makers offer a few tips to help you acclamate your cats to this new litter box.

The Bairds first put the regular litter box next to the Cat Genie, then slowly took the old box away. When I return seven weeks later, the Bairds have good results.

"It does work fine. It works very well," Trey said.

Julia added, "The pros are it cleans itself. I don't even have to put on the timer. It just goes."

However, both Trey and Julia say the $330 price tag is expensive, even if this device does cut down on the work. Plus, they notice the cats are tracking the granule bits into the kitchen after using it.

"He tracks it all through my kitchen," Julia noted. "That's my biggest complaint about it."

Still, the couple agrees they'll put up with that, in order to get rid of the old scoop and the task by hand.

"It definitely cuts down on the work," Trey said.

"It's a lot easier," says Julia, "B-minus. The cost is one thing and litter sticks real bad."

Remember, the space this thing takes up is something else to consider. The Bairds would like a bigger room to place this in. Still, the $330 Cat Genie grants the Bairds' wishes for the most part, earning a good grade B minus on this Does it Work test.

You can buy the Cat Genie online at,, and

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