Consider This - U.S. Senate

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

It is finally official, former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken became Minnesota's newest U.S. Senator. With that addition, the Obama Administration now has a super majority of Democrats - meaning 60 - in the Senate.

Consider This: If history is a guide then this is not good news for America. And that does not just apply when Democrats are ruling the roost, that also applies when Republicans are in control. Take a look back over the past few decades and compare the years when either party was in control in Washington. The best of times were the years when the President was of one party and the legislative branch was dominated by the opposing party. That created a nice checks and balances system that does not always happen when either party has control of both branches of government.

We may not see this in our lifetime, but the best thing that could happen in Washington would be for a third party to emerge. Right now with a two party system the Republicans and Democrats are always in an adversarial position. If there were three parties there would be an effort to work together towards a better solution. There would be less conflict and more desire to build consensus. In one situation the Democrats may partner with the third party and in other cases it might be the Republicans who align with the other group. Today each party focuses on bashing each other rather than working towards a constructive goal. That does not create a healthy environment or result in the best government for the people of America.

With a Democratic majority in Washington we could be in for a rough ride for the next two years. If you need proof look no further than the history books for confirmation.

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