Consider This - ACC Tourney

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

What a disappointing turn of events with the announcement that the Atlantic Coast Conference is moving the location of their upcoming baseball tournament from Myrtle Beach to North Carolina.

In a statement released Monday the ACC said, "Our baseball committee and institutional administrators awarded the championships to Myrtle Beach with the understanding that the event had the blessings of all parties within the state of South Carolina.  It has become clear this was not the case."

Consider This: The local chapter of the NAACP wrote a letter supporting the tournament; however, the state chapter was not part of the discussion and they did not support the ACC's plan to host the event in Myrtle Beach. So what that really means is that the voice of the local chapter is worthless, even though you would think the local group knows what is best for the local community.

And to think just one year ago we hosted two presidential debates, one sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, we have tens of thousands of bikers who visit the area for Atlantic Beach Bikefest every year, Alpha Kappa Alpha, one of the largest historically black sororities, recently held their regional convention in Myrtle Beach and we've had numerous NCAA tournaments in South Carolina that have not received any attention from the NAACP. Why is it OK to host those events and not appropriate to host the ACC Baseball Tourney?

What's really sad is the real impact of the NAACP boycott is not hurting the groups who take their events elsewhere, but it is hurting the people of South Carolina, many of them African Americans who rely on the jobs created by the revenue we receive from the guests who would travel here for these events.

And finally, shame on you ACC for not having the backbone to keep the tournament here and instead caving in to the threats of the NAACP.

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