Does It Work: Windex Outdoor All-in-One Window Washer

(WMBF) - It's called the Windex Outdoor All-In-One Window Cleaner and promises to make even the most weary window washers into window lovers, but does it work?

One couple helped the WMBF News Network put the product to the test to see if claims of giving homeowners a streak-free shine in half the time are true.

The product seems fairly simple to use:  Attach a pole to the cleaning pad, wet it, rinse your windows and start sudsing.  The package says it can clean up to 20 windows with one pad while the others dry.

Our volunteers tackle a number of tall windows in their home and the pads seem to be holding up well.  Some windows, however, are left with a small amount of residue on the glass.

"I like the poll, but I have to rinse and wash again," she said.

The cleaner will make window washing easier, especially in hard to reach places, but can't live up to its promises of a streak-free shine like the traditional window sprays.

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