Does It Work: Wonder Hangers

(WMBF) - The summer temperatures are here to stay and now it's time to officially pull your shorts, tank tops and flip-flops out of the closet for yet another summer fashion season.

But what if your closet can't handle the overhaul of clothes?  The makers of the Wonder Hangers claim they have the solution to an overcrowded closet.

With a simple lift and drop, the Wonder Hanger claims it will nearly triple the amount of space in your closet.  Packaged with eight bars and 16 hooks, the WMBF News Network put this product to the test to see if it could stick to its promise.

We gathered a pile of clothes that originally took up 28 inches of space and hung at 44 inches in the closet.  The clothes were moved from one side and the amount of new closet space almost tripled, but didn't completely live up to its promise.

How will the product stack up with nearly 40 articles of clothing? The Wonder Hangers only gained five inches of closet space, as the hangers became noticeably stressed. The hangers have a 20 pound stress limit and those who put it to the test suggest having an iron ready for wrinkled clothes.

If your closet is jam-packed to its limits, don't count on the Wonder Hangers to increase closet space.

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