Does It Work: Smokeless cigarettes

(WMBF) - It's a hot new item getting the attention of smokers who want to cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke a day, but do smokeless cigarettes actually work?

Smokeless cigarettes don't require matches to light and its users can take them everywhere - including smoke-free restaurants.  The battery powered cigarette delivers the nicotine fix and emits a water vapor smoke.

The smoke, according to officials, is like real smoke, but without the toxic chemicals.

"Smokers that would like to get away from all the typical carcinogens that are in tobacco products, but still derive the nicotine," noted Rebecca Conley, who represents Smoke 51, a brand of smokeless cigarette.

The WMBF News Network brought Smoke 51 to two Ohio hotspots - Sushi Rock Downtown and Southside - to see if the brand of electronic cigarettes works.

While smokers say they enjoyed the hand-to-mouth action of smoking an actual cigarette, they complained they didn't get a high from the first puff as they would with a real cigarette.

However, to get the Smoke 51 fired up, all it takes is a few quick puffs.  However, most smokers the WMBF News Network spoke with weren't willing to pack in their real packs for the Smoke 51 electronic cigarette.

Officials say the smokeless cigarette is not approved as a device to help you stop smoking, but rather is just a way to help people who can't quit smoke without the health risks.

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