Consider This - Local Crime

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Last week we shared some sad news about the murder of Clair Chaffin, the 83-year-old Florida resident traveling to Canada for a vacation with a friend, who happened to choose a Pee Dee hotel as a pit stop on his journey. Mr. Chaffin was a World War II veteran and Silver Star recipient. It was a senseless tragedy allegedly committed by two young men - actually two young thugs - during an attempted robbery. Law enforcement agents tell us these punks were on a robbery spree and had committed many crimes leading up to the encounter with Mr. Chaffin.

Consider This: I can only imagine what Mr. Chaffin witnessed during his years serving our country during World War II and I'm sure he never envisioned his life would end this way. My father was a WWII veteran and I have a special appreciation for these warriors. I hope Mr. Chaffin's family knows that his fellow Americans appreciate his dedication and commitment, and we sincerely regret that his life had to end in such a tragic, unfortunate fashion.

These punks that allegedly took his life will never understand what Mr. Chaffin sacrificed for our freedom and now they have lost that freedom because of the terrible choices they made.

We have a crime problem in the Pee Dee and along the Grand Strand. If you don't believe it just watch our newscasts or pick up your local paper and read the police reports. It begins with minor crimes and gradually escalates into murder, rape and other major felonies. I'm not an expert on reducing crime, but I do know we need to get our heads out of the sand and do something to cause a reduction in criminal activity. Right now the crime stats are headed in the wrong direction.

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