Does It Work: InStyler

(KPLC) - The InStyler uses a swiveling hot barrel to get your hair looking its best, but does it work?

Missy O'Kelly admits it takes a bit to get used to the swiveling barrel. The InStyler straightens the wave left behind by Missy's clip, and it flips out her locks as promised, and it curls your hair.

But Missy's uneasy about wrapping her hair around the wide and now very hot barrel.

"If you hold it there for a second then it would probably curl it," said Missy.

And it did.

The InStyler also promises to give your hair lift or "over-direct" it, as the product makers call it.

"And the over-directing is actually why I wanted to get one," Missy commented. "Just because when I do straighten my hair, it's really flat to my head. I'm an 80s girl, so I don't want that. I like the lift."

And sure enough, the InStyler give good volume on top

So is there anything wrong with this styling tool?

"It's $120 for two of them and I didn't' want two," Missy said.

That doesn't even include all the shipping fees. But the company won't let you order just one for now. Instead, you pay monthly installments, adding up to about $140.

A rep did tell me if you're only interested in trying the thirty day non-refundable $14.99 trial offer, your trial period begins once you receive the two InStylers, which they supposedly track.

The InStyler get a B-plus, which translates to a "Yes" for this week's Does it Work? test. We shipped out InStyler back within the 30-day trial period, and was only charged the $14.99 trial price promised by the offer.

***After this story aired, one viewer wrote in to warn that she was charged an additional $5.95 priority charge by the company for returning the InStyler within the trial period time frame. She stated it was difficult to use as one person because of the high temperature of the rotating barrel.***

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