Does It Work: Grill Daddy

(KPLC) - The sights, the sounds, and the smell of the back yard barbecue - we all want more time spent eating than cleaning, and the Grill Daddy may just as well help achieve that goal. But does it work?

Hal McMillin invited us to his family barbecue at his home to test the Grill Daddy.

"(I've) got a couple of different grills set up so we can check out the Grill Daddy and see if it really works," he told us. "Got a gas grill here, were going to do that and we've got a charcoal grill. We're going to try it out on both of these and just let the consumer know if it's a product you want to go out and buy."

Hal fired up the grills and let them heat. Meanwhile, he filled the reservoir with tap water and replaced the cap. Now he was ready to start cleaning.

"See the steam on the Grill Daddy. You talk about clean - it really cleans your grill," McMillin commented. "And having the grill hot is another key component. You can see that grill is ready to go. Even up top right here, you can get this cleaned up real well. That works real good there. Now you've got this back brush on the back side if you want to get back up in these areas. You can back up there and scrape that down real well if you have some areas that you feel like you need to get to."

Off to the charcoal grill next.  This grill featured a diamond pattern as opposed to the slats on the gas grill.

As Hal cleaned, he noted the Grill Daddy beat the conventional wire brush. "There's another clean grill."

Hal filled the grills with meats and cooked for a while, leaving a tough mess for the Grill Daddy after everything was cooked.

"The ultimate test for the Grill Daddy," McMillin noted. "Here we go, got a little water action going there. Let's see that happening. Has that pork steak (residue) steaming it off. Look at that, how clean (it is)."

Hal tried the traditional wire brush on the other side and quickly, he was back to the Grill Daddy.

"There you saw it," he summed up. "Between the Grill Daddy and the conventional wire brush, no doubt the Grill Daddy. The steam action takes the stuff off the grill; all the remnants from cooking. My opinion, I'm going with the Grill Daddy: much easier, much simpler."

The Grill Daddy gets a "Yes" in this week's does it work test. The Grill Daddy sells for around $15. Hal grills about three times a week and said the Grill Daddy brush lasts him about three months.

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