Storm Shelters an option for severe weather

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WWBT) - Steve Willis experienced not one, but two tornados in a single afternoon. He caught some of it on video tape a few years ago.

"It was like something I'll never forget - the force so strong," he commented.

The tornado obliterated the cement block garage. It was only an F-Zero, but still plenty strong.

"We decided we needed somewhere safe to go," Willis said.

So he founded a company called Safe Zone Storm Shelters. The company designs refuges for families in the event of tornados or hurricanes, and they come in fives sizes, holding anywhere from four to 20 people. Installed, ready-to-use units start at $4,500.

The shelter can be pre-stocked with supplies, an emergency kit and battery-powered lights, and in most cases can be wired for lights, a phone, and even cable or satellite television.

Steve and his wife Cindy run the business from their home and say the unit can be ready for use about a month after it's ordered.

"Whether you buy from us or anyone else, it's something to seriously consider," Willis said. "It could save a life."

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