How to properly board up your home before a hurricane

By Greg Argos - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC  (WMBF) - When a hurricane is heading towards the Grand Strand, experts say you must know how to properly board up your windows and doors. They say if a storm breaks glass, it's in your home.

"The basic tools you would need for a board up are obviously a skill saw to cut the board," said Danny Isaac, the co-owner of A&I Fire and Water Restoration. "You may also need some levels, but the levels are not necessary. Power drills are necessary, as well as an adjustable wrench, phillips screwdriver and gloves and safety glasses."

After you have your tools, Isaac says count and measure each door and window that needs to be boarded.

"At that point in time you would add eight inches, which would allow you to put a four-inch overlap over the opening," he explained.

Then it's time to select the boarding material. Isaac says plywood that is at least 5/8-inch thick will work, as well as oriented strand board.

"Remember, by industry standards the tension strength of plywood is 30 percent stronger than oriented strand board," explained Isaac.

He says before you can mount the board, make sure you have the proper fasteners for your type of home.

"If your home is wood, use wood screws, otherwise use different fasteners, such as an expansion lag for masonry," Isaac suggested.

After your board has been pre-drilled, just put the plywood or oriented strand board over the window or door and attach it with the correct fastener.

Experts say give yourself at least 72 hours to get this done so you have time to pack and evacuate if necessary before the hurricane hits.

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