Consider This - 1 percent tax

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The city of Myrtle Beach made the right decision in approving the 1 percent tourism fee to support our No. 1 industry.

Consider This: The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, the marketing arm for the Grand Strand, now has a consistent source of revenue to promote the region. In previous years the chamber could not properly plan or budget since the funding source was not reliable. Now they can put together a plan and make marketing commitments knowing the funding will be there.

At WMBF News, we've aired stories comparing other tourism destinations and how they fund their marketing efforts. Some have bed taxes, some have hotel taxes, and some have other taxes with a variety of names. The point is they are all taxes. The thing they don't have is the property tax relief the citizens of Myrtle Beach will receive beginning in year three.

The marketing effort that began only a couple of weeks ago is already having a dramatic impact on calls and website traffic from potential visitors. With a consistent source of funding to recruit these guests the opportunity for significant tourism growth is better than ever.

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