Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  My heat or my air is not working, barely any air is coming out?
A.  This may be contributed by several problems:  Your unit may be low on refrigerant or the filter may be dirty.

Q.  What makes my house humid? 
A.  Not enough conditioned air capacity.

Q.  Why does my unit hum outside or look like smoke is coming out of it? (heat pump)
A.  The unit is going into the defrost cycle and creates these sounds and that is steam created when the outdoor temperature is below a certain temperature.

Q.  Why is there ice on my unit? (winter time)
A.  Your unit could be low in refrigerant, not completing a defrost cycle or the filter may be dirty.

Q.  Why is it when I come inside my allergies start bothering me? 
A.  Your duct system may need cleaning and may need a more air cleaning device such as a electronic air cleaner.

Q.  I have mold in my heating and cooling unit, what should I do? 
A.   Have one of our experts come out and do a mold remediation test.  The test will be sent to a laboratory to diagnose what kind of mold is present, then have it treated.

Q.  The underneath of my home stays wet and damp, what can we do? 
A.   Have your crawl space trenched and install a pump, dehumidifier and a crawl space encapsulation which totally seals and deters the possibility of mold/mildew growth.