Consider This - HRP Suit

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Are you kidding me? The former management group for Hard Rock Park, legally known as HRP Creative Services Company, has asked a bankruptcy judge to delay the opening of Freestyle Music Park scheduled to be up and running this weekend because the new owners have not substantially rebranded the park's signature areas.

Consider This: Rather than suing FPI MB Entertainment, who is trying to revive the floundering operation that HRP developed, HRP Creative Services Company should be filing suit against themselves. They did more damage to their own intellectual property rights by the way they handled the marketing and management of the facility in the few months they were opened in 2008.

It's all about leverage and if the park opens on Saturday they have lost some of their bargaining power. Let's hope the bankruptcy judge sees this request for what it is and rejects the filing freeing up Freestyle Music Park to open this weekend. And if HRP Creative Services does end up receiving some type of monetary settlement it would only be proper for the courts to force them to repay all the debtors who got stuck holding the bag when the park filed for bankruptcy last fall. Probably couldn't legally happen since this is a separate entity, but we can still dream.

Hopefully the management at FPI has taken note of HRP's efforts from last year and has learned some valuable lessons on what not to do in regards to launching a theme park. Good luck Freestyle Music Park and best wishes for a successful opening weekend. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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