Does It Work: Magnetic Laundry System

(WOIO) - Tough economic times mean cutting back any way you can, and that includes on laundry detergent. The Magnetic Laundry System claims it can get your clothes clean and save you hundreds of dollars each year, but does it work?

The makers of the Magnetic Laundry System claim you can ditch the detergent and replace it with magnets that help the water stick to dirt and carry it away.

Ray Bolger, the assistant director of student activities at John Caroll University, says he does loads of laundry keeping more than 5,000 team uniforms clean.

"Depending on how many uniforms, it can take an hour or two to scrub, and hour to wash, and another hour to dry - we hang dry them," Bolger said.

We had him was the women's softball team uniforms. He did one uniform as he normally would, then washed one with the magnets.

The system instructs you to place the magnetic units on opposite sides of the agitator, and you can leave them there when you're done.

The magnets, which come with a lifetime warranty, are also good for the environment since there are no chemicals used.

After the wash, the uniform washed with detergent looked new.

"Looking at the way we have done it, it's pretty much white again," Bolger commented.

The laundry magnet uniform: "Oh my goodness, that is terrible," Bolger said.

It wasn't that bad, but the uniform cleaned with the laundry magnets did not get pre-scrubbed since it defeats the purpose. However, doing it the old-fashioned way got the uniforms the cleanest.

And the uniform washed with the magnet still smelled.

"Smells like grass," Bolger noted.

The Laundry Magnetic System may be better used for refrigerator magnets.

The manufacturers say the magnets are only a detergent alternative and do not replace spot removers or bleach. If you rely on them to get your clothes clean, you should still use them with the magnets.

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