Viewers sound off on future of MB tourism

The following comments were made from viewers responding to the Poll, asking "Do you think bikers will affect year-round tourism in Myrtle Beach?" Tell us what you think. Vote now. Send us your comments at

Many of the Harley riders own property in the Myrtle Beach area (Not sure exactly how many but I personally know of 7 families)  and they have typically come here more than just once or twice a year. By making them feel as though they are not welcome and even looked down upon will most certainly lead  them to sell their property and go where they are appreciated. This will not only effect tourism but our grocery, ABC and other small retail stores. Those that are not property owners still came to visit and stayed at nicer hotels, Condos and ocean front homes. They shopped for all kinds of things besides Harley stuff, from basic staples to furniture, electronics etc. It should never be the policy of an area that depends financially on those who visit us to single out any group of visitors and tell them they are not welcomed. If we had simply enforced the laws that were on the books throughout the State we would have, could have lived and worked together in harmony. We could have though better dialog found solutions to citizens issues that did not send the message " We don't want you business".  The Harley riders have come here for more than 5 decades and now due to a few extremist politicians and  a limited section of the public,  the many will suffer during a time of the year when historically there was no other business coming in.

I have read all the posts on this page and have taken the time to look at both sides of the argument.  I am a  I wasn't always.  I have been riding now for about 10 years.  I went to MB before I rode and vacationed there during several bike weeks.  Traffic was a nuisance, and yes a lot of motorcycles are loud. Still that didn't stop me from going to the beach to have a good time.  Also, whenever you get 3 to 5 HUNDRED THOUSAND people anywhere, aren't you going to have those issues??  I agree with several others.  There are always going to be "bad" apples in the bunch, but that doesn't mean you have to throw out every apple!  Now that I am a biker I have grown accustomed to these surroundings, and incorporate them as part of my "biker" vacation.

How would you feel as a vacationer that wants to go have some fun with friends, and get away from your everyday life; yet, when you get to your destination spot it's under law enforcement lockdown?  That doesn't sound like a fun place to visit with every move scrutinized under a microscope, but what do I know I'm just a hard working husband and father also known as "biker SLEEZE".  I have a right to enjoy myself when I'm on vacation.  Some locals say that we "bikers" are inconsiderate to their way of life.  Did they ever stop to think that maybe they are inconsiderate to ours?  When you live in a tourist town, expect to have some tourists!  Locals should know where the biker hang outs are, and when/how to avoid them!  If you can't avoid those areas, why not just take a vacation for yourself somewhere else during the "bad" times?  Kind of like listening to inappropriate songs on the radio or vulgar shows on TV...change the channel.

Think about this...  what if you wanted to settle down in  a nice quiet neighborhood?  Does that mean you are going to move next to Disney World?  Probably not!  Why would you do something that stupid??  You know it's not quiet, there is always something going on, there are tons of people, lots of traffic, and it happens daily!  All this, without bikes!  I'm not trying to compare MB to Disney World.  I just wanted to leave some food for thought, plus Disney is more fun and welcomes all races/creeds of people.  Thank you Mayor Rhodes, and MB City Council for being closed minded enough to listen to a few whiners, and kill a 69 year tradition!  Who knows if there will be a 70?!  "With friends like you who needs enemies?"

That's my .03 cents worth (extra .01 for taxes)

I believe golfing is among the number one reasons people come to Myrtle Beach;Now year round.  The beaches, of course, I believe are the best!  We have lots of attractions and many places to shop. Near by gardens and wonderful places to eat.

I do think there has to be some more organization with bikers coming to the beach. There always seems to be deaths. I realize that there are some good bikers and for their sake there still could be some kind of Biker's week-end not a week.

After 20 years of traveling to Myrtle Beach each year for a biking vacation, this years treatment was a finality.  I will travel to anywhere in the US but there.  On average I would spend between 300 and 500 dollars.  This year I bought a tank of gas and hit the highway.  We used to also travel during the summer months as well to visit with friends in SC and almost every time would spend at least two to three days in Myrtle Beach.  I will never return for any reason.  I think they would have to tear the town down and start all over again with new people before I would ever return.  I think the 20,000 to 30,000 I have spent there in the last 20 years will be better spent in the next 20 years somewhere else, where all people are welcome.

As I'm one of those less informed residents of the city, not a homeowner, work 40+ hrs a week, and worst of all, I'm a renter. What does these Ad Taxes do for me and my family. The city first lost the money for the chamber but it was restored. The tax is going to be put into place regardless. I'm treated like a tourist who's got disposable income. I don't get a tax  rollback on anything. I can just barely make ends meet sometimes with the economy being as it is.

So can anyone enlighten me as to the what if on this. What if because of all the negative publicity going out nationwide that the city only wants selective people coming here. Trying to market the city as up-scale. What if nobody buys into that. What if after all the so called new advertisement to a new kind of tourist. The projected numbers just don't materialize. What is only half those numbers are correct. Will I and all the others renters then have to shoulder the burden thrust upon us for decisions we didn't have a voice in making, carry the load of making up the difference in the revenue shortfall. What if all the best projections become the worst reality. Will the projected homeowner rollbacks in their property tax's become a hollow promise and the entire resident population carries the burden to get tourist to come. What if businesses begin to close like the old pottery and there's nothing to replace them and the area begins to look like a boarded up wasteland. What if residents really do get so fed up with being taxed they actually start spending outside the city limits.

What if the BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME is just a myth.

My family and I go to the Grand Strand as many as ten times per year. Never again will we spend money in MB as long as it has this bunch of leaders.

Myrtle Beach police force need to be thanked for their working very hard this weekend keeping their city under control no matter what anybody thinks!!!

Is Myrtle Beach a police State now!   Check points going in and out !!!!!!!!!!  As ex Libertarian Chairman for Florence Co.  I will do everything I can to expose the Myrtle Beach chamber Of Commerce's bias and racism views they are imposing on the beach I grew up in and lived in since 1969!!!  I am outraged at the Mayor's arrogance!   He needs to move back to the Country Club And stay there!!!!

As word gets out and time goes on, they will be replaced with families seeking a weekend getaway.

The answer to whether the ordinances affect year-round tourism is simple mathematics.  According to statistics provided by Myrtle Beach businesses, bikers bring in approximately $300,000,000.00 in revenue for bike week alone. That amount does not take into consideration the money spent throughout the riding season by hundreds of thousands of bikers who will never come to Myrtle Beach again because of the ordinances that are now in force.  If anyone does not think a $300,000,000.00+ deficit is not going to affect tourism, they need their head examined. When the money goes, the businesses shut down.  When the businesses shut down, tourists stop coming.  When tourists stop coming, tourist towns die.  If you think golfers and families with small children are going to replace bikers and bring in $300,000,000 in one week, good luck to you.  The next poll should be how many people (and how much will they spend) will come to Myrtle Beach on vacation in May now that the bikers are gone.

Wake up Myrtle Beach City Council, its mayor, and its residents who are enjoying their quality of life; its about to get a whole lot quieter where you live. Does the term 'ghost town' mean anything to you?  This story has been posted across the country and across the world. You have offended millions of bikers and their families by your actions. You don't think that is going to affect tourism?  Silly you.

The MB Mayor and Council are planning on hosting a veterans celebration which is a good thing in concept, but not fully thought out.

Wonder if they realize just how many  veterans are bike afficionados.  The local leaders have made it abundantly clear that only veterans in cars will be welcomed and that biking veterans are not wanted.  I know a lot of veterans who came to MB at various times throughout the year will never return to MB at any time for any reason because of its openly stated anti-biker position, not to mention selective harassment of motorcyclists.

It should be noted that there are MB residents whose motorcycles are their only means of transportation. These residents were harassed daily because only a few visiting bikers drove though MB. One man was stopped by the police for a "credential check" three days in a row on his way to work, despite the fact that he wears a helmet and had modified his bike to comply with local laws. No summons or ticket was issued to this individual at any of the stops because he had broken no laws, either State, County or City.  He simply drove a motorcycle and that subjected him to daily harassment.  He has decided to move out of Myrtle Beach.

The new laws and open hostility expressed by the Mayor and Council toward bikers combine to threaten the local economy of Myrtle Beach.  There are just  not enough rich people (who are not motorcyclists) to keep all of its businesses afloat and buy its homes.  Selecting the tourists it wants, openly rejecting those it doesn't, and forcing out local residents who are not property owners by grossly inflating local sales taxes to remake Myrtle into a haven in which only the rich are welcome is a sad commentary on local leaders.

I am writing to comment on your news cast regarding the Myrtle Beach Bike Rally and specifically, the mayor's comment regarding biker's being responsible for hurting the businesses, not the ordinances.  He cannot be so ignorant as to not know that without the new ordinances, bikers would not have shunned Myrtle Beach.    Making a statement like that makes him sound petty and childish.  More importantly, it makes it sound like he is trying to cover himself for making a decision that cost the city millions by blaming the same people he tried to keep out for doing exactly what he intended in the first place - staying away.

Can the mayor explain why he felt some of the laws were necessary? For instance, the State of South Carolina does not have a helmet law for riders over 20 years old, yet he felt it necessary to make helmets required in his city. If his intent was to preserve the quality of life for the city's residents and tourists, how does requiring helmet use accomplish that?  Other ordinances are just as arbitrary, vague and/or appear to be a clear attempt to keep bikers out of the city limits.

Bikers go where they feel wanted. Sturgis, Laughlin, Four Corners, Daytona.  Even small cities make special attempts to make bikers welcome when their annual events are held in or near their city (Fossil, Oregon for example). If Myrtle Beach wants the millions of dollars bikers from all over the country bring to its city, than Myrtle Beach is going to have to be tolerant of the biker lifestyle during Bike Week. You can't have your cake and eat it, too, Mr. Rhodes.

So don't whine to us when we choose not to enter your city limits because we don't feel like slapping a helmet on our head, changing our pipes, of tiptoeing through your parks and commercial areas.  There are plenty of places we are welcome, and we're more than happy to spend our money somewhere else.

I will no longer tell anyone I am from Myrtle Beach. As if our pathetically clownish Horry  County politicians and council are not enough, along comes their city counterparts in an  attempt  to top them. It is no wonder our tax money never returns from Columbia.

The loud pipes are not a safety issue at all, they are surely a lot of noise for nothing. Most of these folks that come down here to the beach I am sure are nice people, A few are profesional people. Just being a profesional person does not make you a good person. There are jerks and slime balls in all walks of life. I have ridden for many years and still do not understand some of these idiots that I see riding around. Some of them need a ( Fat Boy ) to haul their Fat Butts And Their Riders Fat Butts around. Get a bicycle and quit trying to find your identity at some one elses expense. Think about other people and the way they live, All of the people out here do not live like you do. Try to be a little bit considerate to other people around you, There is more to life than a ( Harley Lifestyle ). Great machine for the most part, just a bunch of Sleazy Fat Noisy Obnoxious Inconsiderate Boy's That so not care about any body but there selves riding them.

( Grow Up, not out )

Just another thought. This is not just a regional issue. My husband and I have friends that travel here from Germany every year for the rally. Now you have a bad reputation internationally as well. A bad rap from them and now you have more problems.

Bikers are not just 1 time visitors. They come back at different times with friends and family members.

Hello,  My family visits Myrtle Beach five times a year, summer and winter alike. NO MORE !! We travel form North Carolina, but as a motorcycle rider, in the future my family will stay and spend our money in North Myrtle Beach. As long as the city of Myrtle Beach is unfriendly to motorcycle riders, we will boycott the city limits and all it's businesses all year long. NO-Dime-in-09 and beyond. I believe the cities decision to act negatively to bikers / customers will hurt the city financially.

I feel that a lot of the people, who visit the city of Myrtle Beach, are repeat visitors / customers. Most people who visit MB more than once a year live in near by states and visit often. If the city works hard to drive away bikers / customers, they may still visit the Grand Strand area, Just Not Myrtle Beach. Any tourist town is also a business town, it's economics 101.

Other cities of the Grand Strand to spend your money in,

Little River
Cherry Grove Beach
North Myrtle Beach
Atlantic Beach
Surfside Beach
Garden City Beach
Murrells Inlet

I was visting my parents this memorial weekend for a family vacation and was this a big mistake Not because of the bike week which we love to see all the wild bikes the people build BUtT by the assinine police and there tactics. We traveled here to Myrtle Beach for a fun Time BUT sitting in Police Controled traffic Jambs  for over two hours what a DUMB move  I won"t be back any time SOON. I want traffic to sit in traffic I'll stay in Maryland

Simple, you can't expect people to come to your location to visit when you have told them they are not wanted because they ride a motorcycle.  I do think that the 300,000 to 500,000 who you turned away will definitely tell about 10 others of their experiences. This is the kind of publicity you don't want and if it wasn't done you wouldn't need an additional 1% sales tax.  You have a good experience you may tell 3 people,  you have a bad one and  you will definitely tell 10. A county commission or board should be set up to analyze all the information gathered and review all the laws to make sure they did what they were intended to do....THEY DIDN'T.  I sat at the meeting.

When Myrtle beach told Bikers they were not welcomed in May I'm certain they changed their other vacation plans as well. I know if I was still a visitor, I would.

Reality Check about Harley Week:  Does the Mayor and City Council, and Brad Dean and the Chamber REALLY think their actions will not have an impact on future tourism?  Where in their world do they think the replaced millions of revenue for ONE WEEK will come from?  Their actions are NOT in the best interest and promoting of Myrtle Beach!   They all need to be replaced before MB turns into a distant memory of prosperity.

Many bikers spent additional vacations during the year in Myrtle Beach.  After being rejected by Myrtle Beach for bike week, they will now take their business to places that are more welcoming to them.  Myrtle Beach has not only rid itself of the bikers during bike week/bike fest, but have lost these tourists to the area at other times of the year.  This negatively affects not only Myrtle Beach as a tourist destination, but other communities along the Grand Strand as well.

The bikers will go back to there home state and tell there friends and family that John Rhodes and myrtle beach do not welcome tourists unless they meet there fancy up scale standards. They will advise them to find a friendlier destination to go.

Live long and prosper and remember to always speak your mind.

Check with the naacp for condeming the acc for wanting to have their tournament in myrtle beach because of a flag on the state capital.  That tournament would bring in tourist to the area.

It is very sad that such a small group of people, the City Council, mayor and their supporters were able to destroy the reputation of Myrtle Beach as a place for people to vacation and have fun. I witnessed the abuse by the police of the bikers during the Harley Rally. I saw them issue $100.00 parking tickets on private property at one resort alone despite the protests of the resort for their guests. They even threatened to tow and impound the motorcycles of the guests if they were not moved. If they imploy the same tactics during the present bike rally they may start some real and lasting animosity and possibly cause violence.

While the May rallies were more for adult fun these same people come back with their families and have been ambassadors for Myrtle Beach telling their friends of the fun here. That has what had made them grow and the reputation of Myrtle beach as a vacation destination. Daytona Beach used similar tactics as Myrtle Beach and it proved to be disastorous to the vacation destination. Notw the police there are friendly and helpful and are more interested in promoting a friendly atmosphere than making money and intimidating vacationers. Tell the mayor and the city council that we make a living off of tourists and that it is their job to make Myrtle Beach a friendly and hospitable place for people to come on vacation instead of one intimidating and inhospitable. Mr  Mayor and City Council you should resign from office for the damage you have done to the reputation of Myrtle Beach and the loss of prosperity of its citizens and businesses who make our living serving cheerfully those who choose us as their vacation destination. What were you thinking?

I have lived at Myrtle Beach all my life, I am just appalled at what the city is doing, I am ashamed to live here. WHO ARE THEY TO SAY WHO CAN COME TO THE BEACH OR NOT..........WE ARE A RESORT AREA, sure we will have bad guest and some good guest. that's in everything you do, you have to take the bad with the good. We survive on tourist. How can we say this group can come but this one cannot......I say John Rhodes and all of city council needs to give up their seats on the council and as mayor , We need a fresh city council and a NEW MAYOR FOR SURE , HE IS ignorant AND DOES NOT CARE.

I believe that the negative attitudes and rules being imposed against one type of tourist (which has made the national news services) has been spreading around the country through bad publicity and word of mouth.  Even if people are not bikers themselves, they probably wonder about an area that shows such an attitude from an area that is supposed to be known for their so-called "southern hospitality".  On top of this, we now have a beach that is full of broken shells and rocks due to the recent renourishment that is not even nice to walk or lay on.  In addition, most of the areas surrounding Myrtle Beach are going to be negatively affected because most tourists consider this whole area to be "Myrtle Beach".

May should become family month for the Grand Strand along with every other month of the year.

The poor bikers don't even know that not all children go to school. Witness the biker statements in support of their prurient interests that May can not be a family month because children are in school.

Please inform the bikers that newborns and children up to age 5 do not attend schools and are available to vacation with their families.

Family Guy
Murrells Inlet

It amazes me how a small group of people can have such an influence on the way things go in Myrtle Beach. I read on here that if the bikers no longer come to Myrtle beach that families will flock here to fill in the void and that Myrtle Beach is changing from the Redneck Rivera to a more upscale vacation destination.

What family is going to pull its children out of school a month before the end of the school year and schedule an earlier vacation when the beach weather is not that good, none, and I believe that Burroughs & Chapin had a vision of up scaling Myrtle Beach and they seem to be trying to sell their assets like their pants are on fire to cover the financial hole they have dug for themselves. Market Commons another upscale venture is also on the verge of bankruptcy. Upscale vacationers go to places like Orlando and Williamsburg Va. because they have much more to offer than we do. Disney just committed to building a 500 million dollar theme park in Williamsburg which proves that point.

This same small group also did a good job with the State appointed insurance czar who solved their Oceanfront insurance increases by having them spread the pain to all the homeowners in Horry and Georgetown Counties. A tourist tax is already in place to advertise to the people they don't want here and who is paying that tax, all residents!! incorporated and unincorporated.

Myrtle Beach is what it is and it seemed to work pretty well. The same small group claims that Bikers come to the Beach and terrorize the community for the entire month of May, when in reality the real impact of these events only accounts for a handful of days and generates 300 million dollars for the local economy. There are a few bad apples in every group and that includes bikers, spring breakers and golfers. but let's not throw out the baby with the bath water.

As someone who works at an oceanfront hotel I see firsthand how business's are scaling back already on staff due to the economy and lack of rentals. real people struggling to make ends meet in one of the lowest wage paying areas. It seems that the malcontents seem to be financially secure retirees who don't struggle with these issues. In the end if the current tourism economy crashes in Myrtle Beach who is going to haveto cover the cost, every taxpayer.

I moved here from the North because it is a great place  with a certain charm. low taxes and an enjoyable pace of life. Leave it alone,Please !!!!

we the people are fed up with john rhodes and myrtle beach city council. we the people going to have john rhodes impeached we lost alot of money.i'm calling on all businesses to stop serving john rhodes and the city council.we will have enough signatures  by july to have john rhodes removed from office.not only him but city council included.i asking everyone to boycott the beach ball classic that john rhodes behind also boycott the acc games  coming to myrtle beach next year.

I, unlike many who are responding, live within the city limits. I moved here in 1988 because while stationed at the former Air Force Base, I fell in love with the beach and the area. I know I'm a northern transplant but a total of 26 of my 58 years kinda makes me feel as if this is the place I was born. I do call it home and when I pass I'll be placed here.As a resident I ride a Harley. I've been riding since 1971. Bike week for my family is year round. My neighbors have never complained about my bike, in fact I've been complimented for being so respectful in the neighborhoods around where I live. As a family man who truly cares about my city, it now pains me to here how I'm a sleazy, bar hopping, lawless, disrespectful person. To be honest, I've seen some, let me repeat some, of the behavior complained about. But let me say in all these years I've yet to see it as depicted by so many. To me a gross exaggeration of the total situation seems to make all the worst fears seem real. Just say it and it must be so. It boggles my mind how so few see so much when I travel so much and see so little.

I know it's a bash the Harley rider bandwagon rolling through right now, but in truth it's not about the Harley as much as it's about the spillage of the Memorial Day people who overwhelm the city streets and sidewalks. How can I make a statement like that. I can because I'm a BLACK rider. My treatment during both these events has been remarkably different. I don't complain or make any reports about it as I'm old school and realize, in this place, in this time, it's just the way it is. I deal with this only during Bike Weeks with the understanding of the pressures put on those who choose to serve as officers of the law.

Somewhere in all this insanity there must be a voice of reason, and it will be found and heard. Change comes with progress. This isn't the sleepy little town that rolled up the streets at sundown any more. I'll continue to ride while others won't. I just want to ride my two wheels with the same respect others seem to demand when they drive in their cages.

May is a chance for hard working people who ride to enjoy themselves. Then when schools are out it is a chance to bring your families down, but because of the way we are treated this year I would never bring my family to such a prejudice place. Now with the addition of the check points it is more trouble than it is worth to come here.

I don't ride a Harley...and don't want to.  I moved to Myrtle Beach in 2006, from the upstate of SC, and have since purchased a home in Murrells Inlet.  When I lived in Greenville, I would schedule 4-6 vacations in MB.  The first was always a week at an ocean front hotel during Bike Week.  I found it the best time to come to MB.  The pools and beach are almost deserted because the bikers were doing their own thing.  Ya, I would take the kids out a couple times to see the motorcycles and we enjoyed seeing them.  I understand that some people don't like to hear the bikes and don't understand the bikers.  But, I don't understand why the city would turn their back to the income produced by the spring HD rally.  Prior to 2006, I would have to book a room well in advance and sometimes I couldn't get a room in MB during that week.  Now it's a ghost town.  I do own property in MB and would love to sell it and disassociate myself from the image people have of MB citizens.  Friends of mine from TN, TX, IN, IL, CA and AZ have all called me and asked about bike week and the hospitality tax.  What happens in MB is news in other cities.  People are looking for "friendlier' destinations.

Look at the homeless rate, sex crimes and theft in MB.  MB is turning into a dirty little town.

Not a dime in 09, do it again in 2010!

We live in Upstate SC. My wife and I mostly ride with two other couples about our age (50). We are all professionals, educated, golfers and Christians. We always wear helmets and eye protection, don't drink while out on a ride, we don't drag race or break any laws of the road. We do, however, have load pipes on our bikes and that precluded us from entering Myrtle Beach at all during the rally. No big deal in my opinion.

Loud pipes allow people to hear the bikes coming and hopefully treat us with some respect on the highways. It doesn't always work and cars still pull out in front of us and cut us off. To go into Myrtle Beach, I would have had to change my pipes (exhaust) at a significant cost. It was easier not to, so we stayed in North Myrtle Beach and attended events in Little River, North Myrtle, Murrells Inlet, Surfside and Conway. The condos we stayed at were very welcoming of motorcycles and only asked that we try to park the bikes on the first two levels of the garage. Not an unreasonable request.

I lived in the beach/tourist areas of New Jersey for 40 years before moving south. Personally, I can do without Myrtle Beach as it's too much like home. I prefer Hilton Head for vacationing.

Some of us try to make a living from visiting golfers and families so goodbye bikers hello cha ching!

Hey, we hear ya Myrtle Beach residence that don't want us there.

Good luck to ya when your property taxes hit the roof because tourism is dropping off. Oh yeah that's right, you've already made your money and now retired and want everyone to conform to the way you want to live since moving here from...

Myrtle Beach grew to what it is today because for many years, people from not so far away went to the beach to have fun and brought their money with them. Now that you seem to want to pick and choose, I'll keep my dollars out with the hopes that you get exactly what you voted for. A nice quiet retirement community for the rich. The beach doesn't begin or end in Myrtle and you ain't seen nothing yet.

If you havent took a look around the city of myrtle beach lately almost all the strip clubs have gone to north myrtle beach and atlantic beach so when the last biker is gone so will those clubs. Then m.b. Can be family again

I am appalled and embarrassed that our beautiful state continues to be repeatedly represented by narrow-minded, self-centered, civil war separatist type minds with no conscious regard for humanity at large, no commitment to resolving the majors woes of the citizens of South Carolina such as being one of the most unhealthiest states with a large amount of medically uninsured according to a SC Department of Insurance study, and with what appears to be the singular mission of the consistent destruction of our Union, the United States of America.

I think it's disgusting  that we are hearing all this about loss of biker business.  What about all us condo owner who have lost our family renters during May due directly to the Bikers.  My husband and I have come ourselves during this period now to have trouble crossing the road to continuous flow of bikes all day and night.  My husband had not been able to sleep due to high noise levels through 5 am in the morning.  So we lost business and cannot even use our property ourselves for the full month of May.  Lets report all the sides not just the bikers.  One thing that I got from a renter was why are they worried about a one week renter when we rent for a full month and spend way more?

I would hope now the area would get back to what it was originally, a family vacation stop.  When I was a child growing up I remember trips from Florence to a quite affordable beach that offered a family environment.  Now as a property owner who is forced to rent in summer periods to cover the high cost of taxes and insurance I rely on family renters to cover my overhead.  I have lost many renters due to noise and congestion that comes with biker weeks so I am looking forward to being able to offer what has been long lost.  A place where a family can come and have safeand  quite environment and fun can be had in the sand.

Most of the revenue brought in by the rallies goes to the state of south carolina to be distributed to other less fortunate counties in the state so in all that does not help the city of myrtle beach or horry county.

To all the people that are causing all this stir over these bike rallies.  If you do not live within the city limits of myrtle beach you can not vote in the city election. The voting people have spoken and the mayor listened.......period!

It is obvious that most of the people posting comments on this page (and taking this poll) aren't raising a family in Myrtle Beach or they don't live in the city of Myrtle Beach. The mayor did exactly what we all would expect a mayor to do when your city is put at risk. A mayor is expected to keep the town safe.

Mayor Rhodes didn't just wake up one day and decide he didn't like bike rally revenue anymore. Both bike rallies out-grew the city and as a result they overwhelmed our recourses and made it impossible for our law enforcement department to keep the peace. One more time: IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY THE RALLIES BRING IN, IT IS ABOUT KEEPING THE TOWN SAFE! Why bike rally supporters can't accept that reality is the real question, though I would guess it is because they are either misinformed by our media or just don't give a damn about Myrtle Beach!

A more meaningful poll question would ask: Do you think stopping out-of-control events would effect year-round tourism? (or) Do you think a riot would effect future tourism?

My wife and I, along with our friends, have grown up coming to Myrtle Beach for vacations. We have always counted on a good time when we visit. We generally come 2 to 5 times during the year. We have come to the Spring Rally for the past 15 years, and up until last year, we didn't even own bikes! The bikers that are hurting Myrtle Beach are not the ones that bring in the most money. No one wants to come right out and say it but it's Black Bike Week that's the problem, and it's not because of the people that attend Black Bike Week, it's because of the way MYRTLE BEACH has treated these folks. We are usually in MB for at least part of BOTH bike weeks, and there is a vast difference in the way they are handled. "Harley" week, doesn't have the luxury of having a whole lane blocked off for them curbside for their vendors. And God forbid one of them ride up between cars at stoplights. I have personally witnessed this behavior and have seen police officers turn a blind eye during Black Bike Week. The laws should pertain to everyone, regardless of color. I get along with everyone, but what I can't tolerate is injustice based on color. There are good and bad people in every culture, every race. Laws should be enforced for everyone who break them.....which brings me to another topic. How in the world can MB impose a helmet law when the STATE of SC says you don't have to wear one? The tail don't wag the dog, MB City Council. You'd better wake up and realize that. The landmark Pavillion is GONE now, and look what happened to your wonderful Hard Rock Park! MB wants to "bring families" to the Grand Strand. Well hello.... BIKERS ARE FAMILIES! No matter what color they are. It's a family, a way of life. And if I'm not mistaken, the rallies are held when SCHOOL IS IN SESSION so you won't have too many FAMILIES there except from Friday night until Sunday mid-day! And what's up with the road blocks from 2pm til midnight on OD? And the road blocks? All these are doing is succeeding in driving more nails in the coffin of MB. You've lost the Pavillion, are pushing away the rallies, businesses are going broke, residents are suffering. What's next Mayor, are you going to start charging the ocean rent for coming up onto the beach? Charging a fee to have beach access? How about Hwy 17 being a toll road and make sure EVERYBODY avoids MB all together!?! You dinosaurs had better wake know what happens to dinosaurs, they become EXTINCT!!!!!!

I do not understand why Mayor Rhodes ( not a scholar ) is so intent on destroying Myrtle Beach as a tourist destination. Maybe he and his Country Club buddies feel that the town has become too crowded. Getting rid of the bikers was not such a brillant idea and cost local business's millions of dollars in lost revenue, not what anyone needed in a bad economy. Now they are going to drive the residents of the unincorporated areas of Myrtle Beach away from shopping in Myrtle Beach with the new tourism tax. checkpoints on 501, have they lost their minds!!!!. What else can They come up with to anger the tourists and tax paying residents of the area. I do not think he will make it to the next election and why not take Liz Gilland with him. Politicians in this country from the city level to Washington DC have lost sight of the concept of by the people, for the people and we should all wake up and start doing something before it is too late, or is it too late already. Just my opinion

KUDOS to the one who wrote this. County Council gave its rubber stamp to the City!  

"For the past year that all of this anti-rally crap has been going on, not once has a mention been made about the investors in Myrtle Beach. Who do you think owns all the condos on the beach? Not too many are owned by locals.

Most are owned be people from out of town/state. No, they don't have to deal with traffic or noise, but Rhodes and council have taken the two most profitable weeks of the year away from them. Why should anyone invest in MB with the current mentality of city government? The vast majority of anti-rally people are the ones with their financial future secure. Retirees, professionals, and the rich. They don't need the rallies. The people of MB that have to work for a living need the rallies. And not just the people of MB, but people from all the surrounding counties that work the hospitality industry. Liz Gilland must be loving this. All the heat on Rhodes is taking the focus off the inept job she is doing."

The city of myrtle beach can not be threatened by the bikers (harley or bikefest) money anymore they have a lot more taxpaying residents now. And can drive or walk without all the b.s.!

Bikers will affect year round, I went with a group of about 12 people, we averaged spending $500-$800 each in 3 days, our money was spent at Prince resort, Cub house, Captain Poos, Swing Bridge, Bennett's Seafood, Outback, NMB Harley Davidson, etc. Most of the guys have a family of four in which they bring back to the beach for vacation on July the 4th. most of the people we ride with were so mad they would not even go, we went and it was a waste of money, slim crowd no fun. So we have decided MB can stick it and we are all going to Santee Lake for the week of July 4th. I hope for the poor people that had nothing to do with this everybody doesn't feel like we do, but from the looks of things, they do. Good Luck Myrtle beach.

Question? where in the State of South Carolina is there a bigger event gathering than the Myrtle beach Bike rally? Would it be Nascar?


James L Henderson
Dillon-Florence SC

A lot of the people that come here for bike week, also come down other times of the year.  They may no longer bring their families here for summer vacations, shopping for the holidays, conventions, or golfing.  It is hard to believe that we are talking about raising taxes to bring in more tourists, and at the same time Myrtle Beach (and Horry County)  are driving them away by the hundreds of thousands.  I'm sure that Daytona Beach will love the extra tourist dollars.  What's next?  Are we going to drive the golfers away because they may frequent the strip clubs?  I wonder how many people lost their jobs this week because some have no tolerance for others.  In this area we have large fire, police and Ems services that could not be supported without the tourists dollars.  Not to mention the shopping, restaurants, entertainment and other things that us locals have to our disposal, all because of the tourists.  Where did the southern hospitality go?

The majority of the bikers (Harley Riders that is) make over $75,000 a year. Riding isn't the only thing we do. I play golf, skydive, and own a boat. And in the Mayors eyes, unfortunately ride a Harley Davidson. Most Rally destinations welcome us with open arms to take advantage of our spending power. MB was a virtual ghost town this year. And then the Mayor has the balls to say it is OUR fault that MB isn't making money after he personally saw to alienate us!! The MB Rally was one of the nations oldest Rallies and was there way before the current Mayor and city counsel. The local business were begging us to come knowing the selfish (over the hill gang) elected officials were going to hurt there bottom line. You are damn right we protested the Rally, "Not A Dime In 09!" The Mayor knew it before he pushed the new laws and the businesses know it from the beginning also. I personally have helped four friends cancel there July weekends in MB proper and rebook out side. The Mayor should have stuck to his guns and fought the NAACP and left us alone. The shirts are already being printed, "Do It Again In 10!"

I cannot understand how your reporters can say, or how you allow Gilland, madam queen of the council to say that any ACC torunament will replace the income from bike week.  Are we talking truth here.  Lets analyze the facts.  500,000 bikers will spend at an average of $100 a day for 7 days which comes to about $350,000,000.  That Acc tournament will bring in 10 million if that.  So therefore in 35 yrs you will have the same income that bikers could bring in 1.  Good thinking Ms Gilland.

Now, an increase in tourism money is coming from the state.  Why do you need the extra 1% sales tax.  This is bad legislation and is only taking public money and giving it to private causes.  Good thinking Mr Gray who can't even explain where the money will be spent or how and who is monitoring it.

Another question I have is why, as you reported, did the Chamber of Commerce go borrow money to advertise.  They have no knowledge that the 1% will be passed, or is there collusion between the Chamber and the city council.  Maybe the FBI should investigate?   Or maybe Mr Dean, if he doesn't get the money will bankrupt the chamber too.

In these economic times, why would anyone turn away existing clients?  See the mayor, council and the northern transplants did just that with their actions.  They hurt ALL business not just tourism.  I work for a big company and I watched our numbers dip also.  Two weeks out of 52 provided a major revenue stream for businesses.  I watched last week as everyone suffered.

Bikers have a voice and so do the citizens.  Come election time I hope everyone uses their rights as americans and oust these officials.

It will most definitely affect tourism. When is there another event at the beach that brings n excess of 200,000 people in a week. There is no golf tournament, ball tournament or convention that will do that and generate that type of tourist dollars. The people (our visitors) that left here with a bad taste in their mouth from all the harassment and police state tactic's will pass the word to friends and relatives and encourage them to go elsewhere. This is a tourist area not a retirement community and the hotels on the beach are not for locals to enjoy, unless they can be turned into an assisted living community housing project. When I moved here in 1997, I knew this, therefor I know that during the season there will be increased traffic flow, noise and everything that goes with it. In the off season we still get to enjoy all the great places to eat, entertainment and beautiful beach, that is the trade off. There are plenty of places that are rural that people can live to get out of the bustles. When we first moved here we lived in the city limits and after a couple of years, we moved to a more family oriented Surfside Beach, didn't complain and blame the tourist, just went to a more peaceful surrounding and we can still go up to the beach and enjoy it. There are plenty of retirement communities here and in Florida so those of you that can't stand the tourist and the dollars they bring, feel free to move and GET OUT.

Steve Warren

Surfside Beach

For a city that promotes tourism, why should they care about how they get here. Myrtle Beach is shooting itself in the foot by singling out people that ride motorcycles, in large part  due to a false stereotype. I guess you want more spring breakers that get their money from mommy and daddy, shaggers with penny loafers that drink high priced booze, the senior citizens that know how to squeeze six cents out of a nickel...

There are bad apples in every social class. Golfers are some of the biggest drunks I know. I'd bet some of the folks complaining about the noise are probably high as a kite on their prescription drugs and booze while driving their large SUVs while on the cell phone and only feel safe associating with people that wear kaki pants and golf shirts. Shag on folks! You've succeeded in driving me from your snooty, we're better than you, little town.

I've gotta go wash my $40.000 Harley, after I get back from fishing in my $80.000 boat, pulled by my $50.000 truck, sitting behind my little $300.000 shack, before I go back to work Thursday driving my $120.000 rig with Harley Wings on it that helped pay for all of the above.

I am a motorcycle rider and I just spent 9 days in Surfside Beach, attending the rally.  I have studied in detail the ordinances passed by Myrtle Beach, and there are interesting questions to pose.

Will groups of golfers standing in front of their hotel, waiting for a car or shuttle, be told to disband or be charged with loitering, as the law now requires, and as bikers were told to do?   Will the police uniformly enforce this new law and arrest the people visiting and fellowshipping outside their churches at the end of the Sunday morning service, or is this no loitering law only for bikers?

If this law is strictly interpreted, you must shut down the airport because everyone is loitering as they wait for their planes.  On the positive side, this is a very good law since standing in line is now illegal.

The noise ordinance applies to all vehicles but only for motorcycles was a method of measurement specified.  Many big rig trucks have loud mufflers and many cars have high powered stereos, blasting out their music to the public.

Will these offenders be cited, or is this another bike only law? Will the bars and restaurants at Broadway at the Beach be muffled?  And will the laser light and sound show at Broadway be closed, since the noise level exceeds 89 db?  Can we shoot down those noisy military helicopters that buzzed the beach several times during my stay there?

Will landscapers and lawn cutting services be cited for parking their equipment trailers on the side of the road as they cut yards for the homeowners? And if you strictly interpret the new ordinance on keeping your grass cut, you must conclude that the sea oats on the sand dunes are in direct violation and must be cut down immediately.

Will the new laws regulating vendors and temporary conversion of land to vendor sites be fairly applied to church yard sales?  If so, most yard sales will be illegal.  Where will all those people coming to the baseball tournament park, since private land cannot be used for parking for profit anymore?

And finally, perhaps Conway and Horry County should set up some traffic check points for everyone coming out of Myrtle Beach, to make sure they are sober and in compliance with all laws.  What's good for the goose . . .

I can see both sides of the coin regarding the bike week issue, and I understand the concerns of the full time residents.  But if you are going to pass a law, it's got to be uniformly applied, fairly and to all, or it's tyranny and elitism.  So either change your laws or bear the brunt of them, justice for all, not just the chosen ones.  Otherwise, today it will be the bikers and tomorrow it will be anybody who isn't just like me.

Mitch Lloyd

Fayetteville, NC

First, lets look at the question. Myrtle Beach doesn't have year round tourism. It has its peak and slow times.  Having been in business, I always would laugh when a fellow businessperson or locals would say, "Can't wait for the tourist to leave so I can get to the Mall without all the trafic." "Now I can go to the grocery store and there's no line" .Tourism is an industry. An industry that has a work force , suppliers who provide product , and when it's good a smile on everyone's face from the profits.

What I've seen here in Myrtle Beach is "pick and choose" tourism. This model of tourism is good for no one in the short or long term. Even in a good economy, selective tourism is a losing deal. But in a poor economy it is deadly.  I now many bikers,ie. people, residents. They are just like everyone else. Some you remain close to and others you stay your distance.  Tourist enjoy a good time. When you go on vacation you get a little carried away. If you don't, maybe you should vacation in Myrtle Beach.

I can only suppose that the mayor and council were acting on behalf of the entire community. But I also know that when it comes to the tourist trade all are to be included in that category. Yes, I was out and about during bike week and yes the traffic was less. But in this case less traffic was bad. In reading the comments posted on this site , it seems an overwhelming majority, of which I am one, believe that our elected leaders didn't  put enough thought to the short or long term consequences of their decision . Unfortunately, the consequences of this short sidedness will be passed on to all, not a few residences .

I have been going to MB for 39 years, as a biker, a father with his kids,and just a quite get away with the wife. Average is 3 times a year....Not any more. You cant pick who can come into this wanto

be gated community and expect it to be received very well. Word of mouth against MB is traveling like a wild fire over the internet. Now its more than Bikers that will not be spending any money in the city. Now it will take new city leaders and years to fix this damage.

The only affect Harley bikers will have or do have is only on their own egos and sleazy bars and strip joints. How many groups get away with picking and choosing the laws they will obey? How many groups expect an entire area to cater to their prurient interests?

Only Harley bikers in this area expect to be treated specially without regard to public opinion or community values.

Best regards, with the Harley noise and community disrespect for now...

R Milero

To the poster who said Myrtle Beach is becoming an "upscale beach resort city", where in Heck is he or she talking about.  The city has more "gentleman's clubs" than Nevada.  There are empty stores everywhere. I for one would be afraid to walk alone at night in many parts of Myrtle Beach. The area immediately surrounding the new Convention Center is a case in point.

Tourists are being mugged and robbed inside Myrtle Beach hotels and on its city streets. Drugs and street crime are rampant. Gangs are prevalent. A 19 year old girl from New York who was last seen in Myrtle Beach has been missing for weeks.  The police are kept busy making traffic stops and establishing checkpoints on major roads leading into the City just to reinforce its message that visitors are not wanted. Crime interdiction and investigation is at the bottom of the list.  And I do not blame the police. Their priorities are set by the Mayor and City Council.

The City is taxing its residents and visitors to death.  Despite State aid for tourism it will receive, MB will proceed with its plan to implement another 1% tourism tax.  And its leaders will care nothing about the local residents who do not own property and have no choice about where they shop. These locals, many living at or below the poverty level, will ultimately bear the brunt of this regressive unnecessary tax day in and day out with no relief in sight.

Personally I and my family will no longer patronize any Myrtle Beach restaurant or business. That includes stores and restaurants in the Coastal Grand Mall and the Market Commons.  A city that picks only the tourists it wants and openly rejects others will not get my money to fund its tourism projects.

To the poster who said bikers were never told they were not welcome in Myrtle Beach, apparently you do not read the newspapers. Or the emails sent out countrywide by the MB Mayor and Council to advise bikers that there would be no Myrtle Beach bike rally this year and that bikers were not welcome in Myrtle Beach.  No one will pay through the nose for the privilege of visiting where they are not wanted.  Too many other areas are vying for their business.  The City may have irreparably hurt its business community in an apparent zeal to remake its image into something it can never be.  An "upscale beach resort city."

These bikers are the same people that live close enough to the beach to come back for family vacations. Not all these bikers are from far away places. Most are professional business people that love to ride, and spend there money wherever they may go. With the economy the way it is right now we can't afford to upset anyone that spends money here. What bothers me the most is listening to the mayor get upset at bikers. He is the one who said they didn't want the bikers here in the first place. What next spring breakers? I guess myrtle beach doesn't need the money these groups bring in every year.

Thanks, Tony

conway s.c

The people I could do business with avoid the beach during the month of May due to the perception that bikers may be here. The condominiums I rent do not allow motorcycles in the parking lots. Local friends I would like to socialize with avoid this area during the month of May. They purposely arrange to travel out of town during the period to avoid motorcyclists. I would do the same except for my heavy responsibilities in the area. I like to listen to books on tape in the car and miss part of the book I am listening to when motorcyclists go by.

More family people will begin to come in the month of may if the bikers are gone from here.....The lawlessness, the unsafe street conditions they cause, the ungodly loud noise they generate scares many family folks from coming here....don't bother disagreeing with me because I know personally many people that won't even consider coming here during may because of the biker rallies.

Further--anyone in favor of the rallies hasn't lived in Murrells Inlet as we have  ( we moved to the northern part of the county off 905 just to get away from them). They raced on our streets (I have seen this ) at speeds far exceeding 100 mph many times. You can't put a person down that has actually been there and seen the laws laughed at as these people do on a daily basis. After 10 years in Murrells Inlet - we gave up - the law can't control them or won't control them , say wonder which is really the case????

A person wants to know why "Bikers don't bring their kids to bike week" Most of us are old and our kids are grown with Children of their own.  We work; we pay taxes and JUST MAYBE we would like to enjoy ourselves for one week without waking up at 5am to be at work at 6am.  Now that MB doesn't want us around we can find other places for our family vacations.  Just think 6 adults, 8 grandchildren for 10 days that we used to spend in MB during PEAK times...... MONEY MONEY MONEY. That our family will be spending elsewhere.   We only live 90 or so miles away.  We used to ride up for lunch 2 or 3 times a month.  It's all about the ride.............

Bikers were never told they are not welcome they just chose not to come because they think they are above the law.

I dont have an opinon either way. I do how ever take notice of toooo much gov control. I ride a sport bike, and live in Conway where, believe it or not I was born and raised. I know, very rare that anyone would admit that fact. The truth is bikers are just like everyone else, tax payers, shop at wal-mart etc. The first time I ever saw a group of bikers in town that was rememberable was 1982, I was 10 years old. The hells angels and the pagans met at the race track and fought each other, to pass the time I guess.

Well bike week has come a long way since then.

I moved to myrtle beach when I was 20 and lived there for 10 yrs. Other than a few rowdy folk and traffic delays there was never the problems that I have heard described. Both white and black.

I have never thought of Myrtle beach as a family town. Thats a joke. If you dont believe me. Take your kids for a walk down Mr joe white ave(formerly 10TH)about 11 am and watch your tax dollers at work. Or any of the side streets, Carver, or Dunbar. Ride through after dark and see what Myrtle Beach really has to offer your family. By the way, just as a note both of these streets are a stones throw from the police station. Thanks Mr rhodes you certainly have public safety under control.

I now live in CONWAY again, where we welcome bikers of any color.

The south will always be the south, we dont care how you did it where youre from and NO we aInt goin to live no faster. We just simple that way. However, we make long lasting friends. WE are not afraid of enemies. And most of all we are never afraid to fight for what is right. GOOOOD Luck to myrtle beach. Bikers are always welcome in CONWAY.

Myrtle Beach needs to get back to a "family beach" again. We have lost that image and the wrong people are coming here. Enforce the laws on everyone. Anyone not obeying the laws will have to suffer the effects of bad judgment on their part.

Why would any tourist want to come to myrtle beach to be stuck in a road check for two hours? What a welcome to a great family vacation. But dont worry the police and mayor rhodes will make sure the bikers are wearing helmets while criminals and drunk drivers are free to roam the city at will while law enforcement are sitting watching the bikers. And to all the residents of myrtle beach who dont want the rallies dont worry city council will impose more penny taxes to pay for all the lost revenue.  Good luck with paying more taxes

Bikers say they come back with their families throughout the summer but why don't they bring their kids during their bike rallies? Is it because their rallies aren't suitable for small children? Or is it that they are suitable for OUR children but not theirs??!!

Respect the families of Myrtle Beach or find a place that doesn't care.

Thank you Mayor Rhodes and Council for a wonderful May (so far).


Yes, No question.  I recently moved here from Charlotte NC. And many of my biker friends or now refusing to ride to Myrtle beach because they now believe that Myrtle Beach doesn't want their money or business so refuse to visit or buy property in this area. I even know a few who are selling property here now.   Who wants to worry about taking on and off helmets, worry about their pipes  and tickets as the ride around the area....when the STATE LAW says all of SC is a freedom of choice state.   It is VERY unfortunate, because these bikers...have money to spend... all because of idiots on the city council who want to ruin a huge money making opportunity that took many years to build.  Believe me..many others tourist destinations that will welcome their money and they will go there instead.  Myrtle beach will lose so much business and money for years to come....the idiots on the city council have successfully ruined the biggest money making opportunity this city had.  What's left.....overpriced Hard Rock Park that can't even stay in business????  Miniature golf and shopping..... lots of luck with that one...Now we all get to suffer and watch now all the business that will go under, without the 2 weeks of profits that normally keep their business afloat.  City council is full....of FOOLS...and that is being nice.

All bikers need to muffle their 2-wheeled noise making machines.  Then they will be welcome.  What is so difficult about that?  The bikers have caused the end to the rallies, not MB.  Thank you, Mayor Rhodes.  I wish Horry County would crack down on the noise also.

I think the Mayor didn't realizehow much money the town of MB would lose when they stopped the bikers ,now it is too late  They will come GC and MI but not in the town of MB So now what are they going to do to fill the hole that the money from the bikes left. increase taxes

Bike rallies help a select few businesses; biker bars, cheaper hotels, gas stations etc.  What do they do for the barbers, real estate agents, florists, golf courses...?  Absolutely kill them financially!  Should a traditional family of parents and children ever make the mistake of visiting the grand strand during a bike week, with 400k bikes screaming in unison at all hours, day and night, you can bet your last marketing dollar they will NEVER come back.  Biker events help the few.  They kill the rest of us financially and especially in reputation.

I have been in the Myrtle Beach area since 2004 and the main reason I moved here was because of the bike rallies and the revenue the rallies generated.

I first came to Myrtle Beach just to bartend at a local restaurant/bar to fill the gap the temporary spike in business generated by the rallies.  That rally was held during the Fall which I was able to generate a months salary in only 1 weekend.  Unbenounced to me, that particular owner was looking for a person to run the business so that he could retire after doing pretty much everything for himself since 1976.  I had always loved the beach and contemplated several times the benefit of moving to the area.  My background included marketing and the service industry. So I considered this opportunity to be the best of all aspects to combine my previous experience.  So like many other people, I became a transplant of Myrtle Beach.  Side note....most "locals" aren't really locals.  They were born in other states.  If you run across someone who was born in Myrtle Beach and are still here, the most common comment I hear is "too big of a looser to get out?"

The point of the matter is why is the City of Myrtle Beach trying to run off the business generated by the rallies?  Not only the business generated in May but during other times of the year when the bikers return with their families?  Bikers are a close knit c, rowd, familial and socially.  You piss of a biker, you not only piss off him but you piss off his family and friends.  Because Myrtle Beach claims to be a "Family Vacation Resort Area", the bikers felt they had the best of both worlds, family and fun.  In the past 10 days, many customers that retun on a quarterly or semi-annual basis came just to bid their final farewells to a favorite watering hole because they felt unwelcomed in a city that claims to be a family vacation spot.

Something else that amazes me, is that residents that co, mplain about the rallies are either bike owners or have only been in the area 10 years or less.  Let's see...the rallies associated with Harley Davidson celebrated the 69th annual rally and the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest is celebrating their 29th annual rally.  Do you see the problem?  You have "residence" who have been here LESS THAN 10 YEARS complaining about at the most 30 out of 365 days of heavy traffic and noise that generates at least 25% of the area's local revenue (and that's being generous).  These residence allowed the City to increase property taxes that not only affected residence but business owners.  The business owners who have to pay the increased property taxes, lost gross revenues of 40% to 50%  due to the efferts to deter Biker Business.  Was their an economic study conducted to explore how badly the loss of "Biker Business" would effect  the WHOLE city population...not just the Squeaky Wheels with Pensions?  The efferts have caused a trickle effect.  The majority of the businesses in Myrtle Beach is either retail, service or real estate...hence a tourist area.  Because Myrtle Beach wants to rid it's area of tourists that ride bikes, THE WHOLE TOURIST AREA suffers.

In turn, the Myrtle Beach tourist area economy is suffering.  Unemployment in the area caused by the bad economy is already up but it's going to go higher.  The need for public assistance is high but it's going to go higher.  I can only hope the City is ready to support the additional homeless their decision has created.  I really don't think that supposed 3 Million generated by the increase in property taxes will assist the losses felt by EVERY resident of Myrtle Beach.  But then again, no woes will be felt by the "WEINIE RESIDENCE" who have been here, what?, 10 years?

We have just read the insulting, misleading, ignorant, and just plain distorted comments of a person who said that they had a business in North Myrtle Beach.  We would like to know which business this is, because I am sure that a lot of people, bikers or not, would like to avoid it.  A business owner who dislikes tourists so much should not be bothered by having anyone come to their place of business.

We enjoy riding our Harley with our friends.  We are Christians and professional people, as are our friends.  We are very insulted that you call us dirty, filthy etc.  We follow all laws, our bike is not loud, we do not drink alcohol, we just enjoy riding!

We usually visit Myrtle Beach 3 or 4 times a year.  We attended the fall rally last year, and vacationed with our family 3 other times last year.  If we are not welcome with our bike, then  we are not welcome at all.  If all the business owners feel the same way as the one who wrote the obnoxious remarks, then maybe they should consider moving away from a tourist area.  We thought that Myrtle Beach wanted tourists to come and stay.  Our mistake!

Word gets around fast about the way tourists are being treated in this city. People arent stupid anymore and the city council is running on dangerous ground here. The lawsuits are going to start pouring into this city very shortly i'm sure. Discrimination and segregation will not be tolerated Mr. Mayor. You can kiss your job as mayor GOODBYE come November.

The bikers that come for the Harley rally always start the year for the businesses in MB-- this year they were told that they were not wanted by the mayor and the city council.  When we are told we are not wanted then that means they don't want our money or us.  The city management is trying to make MB a place for the elderly and not for tourist.  Those that have moved here from out of state were once tourist.  They know what it was like when they were coming ( and they must have loved it-- they here now) and now they are destroying everything MB was.  If they continue to raise tax no-one will ever want to come to this place again.  They might think they caused the bikers not to come-- they have caused of lot of repeats not to come back -- these bikers usually come a couple of times a year with their family.

From what we've heard tourist that were not bikers are mad enough about the road blocks that I don't think they will come back-- Might as well go ahead and start rolling up the pavement-- I think MB is DOOMED.  Who wants to come to a place that does not want you  and what is there to do??? They've taken everything away.  There are much better places to go than MB.  The blvd. is nothing but a slum place-- nothing is attractive there anymore.

From the research I've done, the average buyer of a Harley motorcycle is a married man in his forties with an average income of $84,300. Two thirds of Harley buyers are between 35 and 54 years old, with 12% being female.

I am also a golfer, fisherman, music lover, computer literate...If I'm going to be "targeted" for riding a motorcycle in Myrtle Beach with my friends during Bike Week, I'll just keep my money out of Myrtle Beach year round.

Bikers that live within a couple of hundred miles come here more than bike week, they come as a family through the year.

If I was not a resident here and was treated like this(treated like a lower class citizen) I would never come back here.




I have been riding for 26 years.  My husband 36, our money is green and will spend anywhere.  Myrtle don't want the bikers, they don't want our children either.  Not even our grandchildren.  We also put the word out to our sisters, brothers, cousins etc.  The damage is done.  MB can welcome back the bikers.  My family will never spend another dime in MB for any reason.  Not all bikers provide problems but MB government put us all in the same category.  Good for them.  I feel bad for the business community.  Let the Mayor spend his money in their places.

We used to live in Pgh and moved to Summersville SC 5 years ago.  We have friends that USED to come down for Bike Week; they also said their money will spend elsewhere.  See our friends are Firemen, Policemen, Postal workers and retirees.  Steady income, big spenders.  Sucks to be MB

Though the City will take some losses initially in revenue, the long-term approach will pay dividends in attracting a more upscale tourist who will not create difficulties such as overtime for police.    Myrtle Beach is changing from the Redneck Riveria to an upscale resort beach city.  This is just the first of many changes to come.

I have a second home just outside the city limits and have been coming to Myrtle Beach area for over twenty years. I come down to my home 4 to 7 day each month including bringing my bike down to bike week, an 8 hour drive each way. I will no longer spend any money within the city limits where I used to almost exclusively spend my time and money.

If the city does not want my money I have no problem taking it elsewhere! The mayor/city council blames much of the crime on bikers but reading the papers, watching tv nes, and internet it is obvious the city has plenty of crime it needs to deal with that the bikers have nothing to do with. I come from a region that is considered to be a high crime area but Myrtle Beach news has no problem keeping up with crime reports like I am used to seeing at home.

Bikers are only a part of the people who come to Myrtle Beach. The Redneck Riviera is officially closed. The Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce is doing the right thing in advancing tourism towards a bigger market. It may take some time with the current economy but they are moving in the right direction. For some people to hang on to the belief that bikers are good for Myrtle Beach is not progressive thinking.

The bikers are the only source of income for the Grand Stand following the winter slump in the month of May.  This is where the businesses recoup their losses during the winter months.  What the City of Myrtle Beach has done is destroy the jobs and income of innocent employees of numerous businesses.  The Mayor can try and blame the bikers for the problem but the true problem lies with the Mayor.  " You Can Delicate Authority, But You Can Not Delicate Responsibility!"  Had the Mayor server in the military he would have know this fact, so would the mayor pro -temp; who started this whole mess.

Gary Ramsey
5th Special Forces Group Airborne

bikers dont [care] about me or my quality of life or anyone of us who is living in myrtle beach.

all they care about is making enough obnoxious noise to boost their own egos and act out their bad boy energies.

how would they like it if we attacked their home town with sonic booms for an entire month until they could not think straight or enjoy the little piece of heaven god gave them to live on?  uh huh!   indeed!

thank you city leaders for finally doing something to save our sanity or peace.

Not only do they come here for the bike rally's...they also vacation here with their families and friends.

For the past year that all of this anti-rally crap has been going on, not once has a mention been made about the investors in Myrtle Beach. Who do you think owns all the condos on the beach? Not too many are owned by locals.

Most are owned be people from out of town/state. No, they don't have to deal with traffic or noise, but Rhodes and council have taken the two most profitable weeks of the year away from them. Why should anyone invest in MB with the current mentality of city government? The vast majority of anti-rally people are the ones with their f, inancial future secure. Retirees, professionals, and the rich. They don't need the rallies. The people of MB that have to work for a living need the rallies. And not just the people of MB, but people from all the surrounding counties that work the hospitality industry. Liz Gilland must be loving this. All the heat on Rhodes is taking the focus off the inept job she is doing.

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