Does it Work: Jessica Simpson's Hair-Do Extensions

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(KFVS) - Follow the Hollywood gossip and celebrity pictures and you'll see hair extensions are all the rage. And now, hair extensions are getting a little more affordable for the rest of these days.

If they work, it might be a nice way to give yourself a new look for a special occasion, but not commit to the temporary style if you don't want.

"I've been trying to grow my hair out for all these weddings," said Laura Wibbenmeyer.

Laura is a bridesmaid in several weddings this summer, which means several up-do's and special hairstyles. The cost of that can add up.

"Just getting your hair done can be expensive," she commented. "So if you factor in several uses out of this product, it might save me some money. I'm in so many weddings."

When she spotted the product, Hair Do by Jessica Simpson and stylist Ken Paves, Laura wanted to "Try it Before You Buy it." Laura chose a shade to match her hair, and now it's time to see if the 23-inch wavy extensions really clip in easily.

"Hopefully, this looks real enough because you don't want people to wonder when you're up on the altar 'Is your hair fake?'" said Laura.

As instructed, Laura back-combs her real hair. Then she sections it off, placing the extensions at her crown. Each clips in with a special barette.

We're a little unsure this style looks natural at first, so Laura decides to curl her top hair to match the synthetic locks, being careful to take out the extensions first - you're not supposed to get the clip-on hair hot at all, so, don't try to curl it, too.

Next, the clip-on hair is pretty shiny. Laura sprays some instant shine onto her own hair.

We like it, but think Laura can pull it off a little better when she pulls her hair half-up.

"I think it looks more real if you put it all back because by the time it gets there, it's all straggly," she said.

To be sure, it's time to head outside. After all, any stylist will tell you the most natural light is outdoors, and Laura wants to look as normal as possible in the outdoor wedding pictures she'll be in.

"It's weird how sunlight changes color," she noted.

And she's liking the new locks so far - the clip-on hair even passes the "head-shake test," staying secure the whole time.

Laura goes one step further and wears the clip-on hair for us at her brother's wedding. The locks also held up during the light mist outside, she reported.

Laura said she received lots of compliments on her new look, and many people really thought her hair grew overnight.

So, does she like the $120 price tag?

"Overall, a B-plus," Laura said. "It's expensive."

Good thing you should get a few uses out of the clip-on hair, too. Plus, you can wash it. But be careful to follow special instructions inside the package.

Laura gets an 'A' for her efforts, and this high-dollar product styles up a B-plus.

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