Consider This - Miss California

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Carrie Prejean, Miss California, has been bashed over the past few weeks for her response to a question regarding gay marriage during the Miss USA competition. Now they are saying that she posed in racy photos that cause her to be in violation of the requirements for serving as the state's representative.

Consider This: Did you see the Miss USA competition that aired right here on WMBF News? Well, I didn't get to see the live version, but I received some viewer complaints about the opening number so I went back to watch that portion of the program. I can tell you that the inappropriate photos of Miss Prejean did not expose much more than the opening bathing suit ceremony of the actual event.

Who's fooling who? If Miss California had answered the question in the politically correct way instead of being honest about her beliefs, the questionable photos would never have been an issue.

Our country is founded on freedom of speech and Miss Prejean should be commended for sharing her opinion rather than being criticized for her view. You don't have to agree with her, but we should all agree she has the right to her viewpoint. If the groups in favor of gay marriage were being bashed the way she is - especially from pageant judge Perez Hilton - the uproar from freedom of speech supporters would be loud and strong. Why are they so quiet now? Is it not fair that EVERYONE have the same rights to freedom of speech? The correct answer is YES. It may not be the politically correct answer, but it is the right answer.

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