Does it Work: fix it! PRO

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

(KPLC) - If you've ever needed to fix those scratches of unknown origins on your car, fixit!Pro claims to be the tool for the job. But does it work?

The pen claims to fill and seal scratches to your vehicle's clear coat in just one swipe, and is hardened by sunlight. With only four instructions, we went to test it on our car first. Instructiosn say to shake the pen for a while, and then prime the tip on another surface before applying.

The next step is to pull the cap off and draw on the scratch. After you're done, you want to have a paper towel handy to wipe off any excess.

We tried the fix it! PRO on one of the scratches here on our car. The lower one we tried to fill with some of the touch up paint that came with the car, and it's very noticeable that there's still a scratch there. We're try the one above it and see how well the pen actually works.

It goes on clear - you can't really see much of a difference immediately, but once I wipe this off it did start to cover up some of that scratch and is says it takes at least an hour to harden, so we'll come back and check that out in an hour.

We tried it on a blue vehicle and a black car, as well, and the fix it! PRO seemed to make immediate improvements. But most scratches didn't completely disappear upon application.

The last instruction called for me to wait at least on hour for it to cure in direct sunlight.

After more than an hour with the mix of sun and clouds, there is only marginal improvement on the scratches on all vehicles.

The sunlight hardens fix it! PRO to a "No" for this week's "Does it Work?" test. We found the 1/4-fluid ounce pen of fix it! PRO selling for less than $10. The package comes with an additional tip in the event the original tip hardens in the sunlight. The package has many warnings on it about capping the tip to avoid hardening from sunlight exposure.

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