Does it Work: CoolJamaz

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(KFVS) - CoolJamaz promise to cool you down while you sleep by absorbing the sweat from your skin. It's marketed toward women suffering with night sweats related to menopause, but is for anyone dealing with the hot flashes at night.

Sandy Lingle, 49, models one style of the new Cool Jamaz. She's one of two women I asked to wear the so-called moisture-wicking PJs.

Like Sandy, 48-year-old Roberta Burnham suffers night sweats brought on by menopause. Each welcomes any product that can ease the problem. Neither uses any kind of hormone replacement therapy.

"Every night, I wake up soaking wet," Roberta said. "It's part of life, but not fun."

For the two weeks, both Sandy and Roberta wore the Cool Jamaz. Roberta has the shorts and tank; Sandy has the capri set. At first glance, the PJs look a little thin, but they promise "a good night's sleep is no sweat."

So does it work?

"It actually dries," Roberta commented. "I'm not waking up to sticky clothes stuck to me. It's so much better."

Sandy added, "They've gone down a lot since I've worn these pajamas, and I really like them. It absorbs the sweat. I don't know how they work, but they work."

To be sure, the women also switched back and forth between the CoolJamaz and their own pajamas during the two-week testing. They still report success with the Cool Jamaz.

"Less sweat and a lot cooler, and that means more sleep," Sandy noted.

To get the moisture wicking material to still work you have to launder with care, being careful not to use any kind of fabric softener on them.

Cool Jamaz come in different styles and a few colors, but they also retail between $20 and $75. Both women say it's worth the price, saying they slept a whole lot better with the Cool Jamaz.

"A minus," Sandy rated the PJs.

You can only buy CoolJamaz online at

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