Consider This - Bike Rallies

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The time has finally arrived - mid-May and the bike rallies begin to take shape. Since last year's push by Myrtle Beach leaders to enact new laws targeted toward reeling in the activities associated with the bike rallies, there have been lots of debate on the pros and cons of their efforts. So we'll watch closely over the next three weeks to see how things play out.

Consider This: With the economy in the drink, this year will probably not provide a realistic look at the true impact of the new regulations. Numbers would most likely have been down, regardless. However, even in this economy, with so much attention on the events we will get a chance to see if the right decision was made. Will the city leaders look like the Wise Sage based on the actions of the bikers or will the city regret their push to downsize the events?

We'll be watching - and reporting - on the rallies and look forward to getting your feedback over the next few weeks. Will the new regulations accomplish their intended goals? We certainly don't know the answer to that question today, but we will have a much better idea come the end of May.

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