Does It Work: The Go Duster

(WMBF) - Dusting isn't exactly topping the list of favorite chores needed to keep your house clean, but could a motorized duster make dusting more enjoyable?

The makers of the Go Duster claim dusting will be easier, faster and even fun for those who use their product, but does it work?

Go Duster is supposed to be safe on any surface that needs dusted, cleaning and polishing end tables, kitchen cabinets and even fans.  When Mary, a self-proclaimed cleaning maniac, put the product to the test, she says she didn't see much happening.

"Normally, I'd use a polish," she noted.  "It's not going to polish.  It's not going to give your natural woods a luster."

But Mary had one question:  Where is the dust going?

After attempting to shake the dust she collected off of the Go Duster, she says just a bunch of loose green fibers made their way into her trash can.

As she continued dusting furniture throughout her house, Mary says her question on where the dust went was answered.  It went into the air.

"You can actually see the dust on your handprint there," she commented after the dust had time to settle.

Consumer experts say while the makers of the product promise big things, the Go Duster can cause more dust in your house and even irritate the allergies of those who are allergic to dust.

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