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Straight from the Top - 5/1

Every week, WMBF News Director Matt Miller responds to viewer comments and emails in this week's edition of Straight from the Top.

Below is this week's unedited comment from Patricia.

I have never written to a news station before. I really feel that I have to after much prayer. How could your station put a person's life in danger just to get news.

Everyday we turn on our televisions, read our news papers and go on line only to see where another person or a number of persons have died by being murdered.

Is getting news that important. You station and others have put Mr. Mark Torchi life in serious danger. How could you? Do you seperate your personal life from your work life? If something happens to him, it will br your reporters and management fault.

I have a son who works in law emforcement. I pray that you would never put his life in danger, just to get news. You will have done this is Mr. Torchi is harmed. It is law enforcement who would have to arrest the person.

I have great respect for our fire fighters. They put their lives in danger any time we might need them. This time however I feel that if anyone made a mistake it would have been the trained persons who were called to put out the fire Mr. Torchi started.

Why does there always have to be someone to blame? The fire happened. It would be better if we all use our energy to think of ways to help these victins of fire.

There is enough news without doing something that our law enforcement didnot want done. They were tring to keep Mr. Torchi safe. Feeling are running high. I pray that in the height of stress that no one acts on any feelings of hate.

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