Consider This - Right Sizing

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Earlier this week General Motors announced that Pontiac was being eliminated from the General Motors line of cars. Oldsmobile was eliminated in 2004. Before it is over many car companies will most likely eliminate brands that are repetitive and don't make sense in today's economy.

In business when we eliminate certain products or services that are no longer relevant we call this "right sizing."

Consider This: Government should not be spared from the "right sizing" trend. Just like America's automobile industry, which the government says needs to function more efficiently, government must look to streamline and become more efficient, as well. I bet there are many government agencies that need to be addressed just like GM has addressed their operations. Actually, there are probably some Edsels, Studebakers and Yugos still operating in our state and local governments.

President Obama, while we're trying to "right size" the banks and automobile industry, why don't you take a look at the federal government and do a little right sizing there, as well?

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